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Derrick elevators, world wide

The Alimak explosion proof derrick elevator fits on all types of derricks for platforms, jackups, semisubmersibles, and drill ships.

Since Alimak Hek first entered the offshore market in 1974, several hundred elevators have been installed on derricks all over the world. Two factors drive this success:

The unique characteristics of the rack and pinion drive principle, because of the ruggedness and dependability that it brings to the elevators, as well as the proven suitability for explosion protected operation.

Alimak Hek’s capacity and experience in providing the technical and administrative support necessary to meet the stringent demands of the offshore industry.

Derrick elevators

The typical Alimak derrick elevator is often installed on the outside of the derrick structure and has between 3–4 landings and a lifting height ranging between 55 meters to 60 meters. The elevator gives access for inspection and maintenance of the drilling equipment and is a vital component to ensure safe and convenient access.

Made of extruded anodized saltwater-proof aluminium and hot dipped galvanized steel the Alimak SE-Ex elevator car maximizes operator comfort without compromising operating reliability. It also gives the elevator the ability to handle the toughest working environments. Stainless steel cars are also available for extremely aggressive environments. The galvanized mast tower gives a slim installation profile next to the derrick. The Alimak SE-Ex incorporates all the safety features that have made Alimak elevators a benchmark for the offshore industry worldwide. The Alimak elevator can be provided with a wide range of options such as Auto Return, Auto Alarm and Fire and Gas Alarm.

Rack & pinion benefits

Alimak rack and pinion elevators have their drive motor fitted on top of the car, along with brake and gear, thus eliminating the need for a separate machine room or lift-well. These benefits and the narrow installation profile makes Alimak elevators suitable for the harsh rig environment.

Elevator details

Elevator type
Payload capacity
500 kg
Lifting height
Varies between 55 m to 60 m
Car size (internal)
910 x 1,300 x 2,170 mm (W x L x H)
0.62 m/s
No. of landings (icl. base)
Varies between 3 to 5
Control system
Collective control
Explosion proof derrick elevators

Peace of mind

Our rack and pinion products are designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver customers ongoing reliability and wear resistance in the toughest work environments!