Mar 24 2022

A look at Alimak’s history in developing leading technologies

Alimak offers a range of permanent and temporary high-quality elevators, construction hoists and work platforms built on rack and pinion and traction technologies.

Delving into Alimak’s history, an excellent track record of the development of innovative equipment for the construction industry is evident. Alimak’s founder, Alvar Lindmark, created his first product in 1944 whilst working as a mortar mixer in Stockholm, Sweden. Lindmark soon patented the invention and launched it on the market by employing a used engine and some old plumbing parts.

In 1946, Lindmark sold his patent to the building-machinery manufacturer, Tornborg & Lundberg. He used the profits from this to go on to develop an engine-driven bending machine for reinforced iron, another product which saw commercial success, increasing efficiency on construction sites again.

After success with these endeavours, Lindmark set his sights on developing industrial elevators, construction hoists and work platforms. In 1948, he launched his own business under the Swedish name Ingenjörsfirman Alvar N. Lindmark Aktiebolag. By 1953, the company introduced the first steel construction passenger hoist to the market, followed by the first rack-and-pinion, mast climbing work platform in 1956.

Since then, the Alimak brand has developed an excellent reputation for its R&D innovations and high quality product development, expanding its geographic footprint and business operations by delivering over 23,000 vertical access solutions. Alimak products service the world’s major industries, servicing construction and industrial sites including ports, warehouses, mines, bridges, tunnels, power plants, and even offshore applications such as oil rigs and ships.

Alimak Group, the leaders in vertical access have further expanded in recent years, acquiring the additional brands of Avanti Wind Systems and facade access providers, Manntech and CoxGomyl. Such acquisitions have truly cemented the company as a global industry leader of vertical access solutions.

Despite such growth, Alimak’s core values have remained true throughout its 70-year history, with innovation, safety, and durability at the forefront of product development.

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