Jan 09 2020

Advanced passenger and cargo elevators for challenging marine environments

Alimak’s broad range of industrial vertical access solutions have been tried and tested across a huge array of challenging applications.

With a history of more than 70 years as a leading provider, Alimak products come with a proven track record of reliability and excellence in design and engineering for high functionality performance in the toughest working conditions. The Alimak ME Marine Elevator applies all of Alimak’s knowledge and expertise developed specifically to overcome the unique challenges and requirements of the marine environment onboard ships and seafaring vessels.

Alimak are renowned as a market leading supplier of vertical access solutions and as the originator of highly robust rack and pinion elevator technology. Alongside the rack and pinion elevator range, Alimak are also a highly experienced and trusted brand name for traction elevator solutions. The new ME Marine Elevator is built around this traction technology to deliver superior ride comfort in combination with highly robust design and construction which is specifically built to withstand the particular difficulties presented by vessels operating in the marine environment.

Whether used as a freight elevator or a passenger lift, the Alimak ME elevator delivers a number of features to meet the needs of marine vessel operators and staff. With the option of two standard car sizes of 1.1 x 2.1 x 2.1 metres or 1.4 x 2.5 x 2.1 metres the ME range is capable of safely and comfortably transporting up to 21 passengers or 1,600kg of cargo for convenient, efficient and time-saving operations onboard any vessel. The most effective use of space is always a central concern for marine vessel applications and the intelligent design of the ME Marine Elevator benefits from a space saving MRL configuration with the mechanism located within the top of the shaft which eliminates the need for a separate machine room. In addition, the area required for the shaft itself can be as small as 2.1 x 2.5 metres or 2.325 x 2.95 metres for the larger elevator capacity.

Every aspect of the Alimak ME elevator has been developed from the ground up to address the specific environmental and safety concerns of marine vessel applications. Harsh weather conditions at sea and the constant roll, pitch and heave of the ocean naturally come with the territory of the marine environment. The Alimak ME elevator is therefore constructed with a hard-wearing reinforced carbon steel frame and the option of hot dip galvanisation for applications where high humidity levels present a concern. The reinforced landing doors are also designed for the demands of marine applications.

The Alimak ME elevator has been developed with safety as a central consideration and is supplied in compliance with a broad range of rules and regulations for marine vessel equipment. The carefully considered design also provides for a range of important safety features, including provision for peace of mind in emergency situations, with a ceiling escape hatch, escape ladder and LED roof lighting.  Beyond the strong design and construction principles applied to all Alimak ME Marine Elevators, each installation can also be tailored to the specific needs of each application with multiple landings included based on the client’s specification and 3D modelling for the best possible integration of the optimum vertical access solution during the vessel design process.

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