Feb 26 2021

Alimak builds on a 70-year legacy to deliver pioneering vertical access solutions

Globally recognised as industry-leaders, Alimak has designed and manufactured pioneering vertical access solutions for more than 70 years. Throughout this time, Alimak has engineered the world’s most popular construction hoists, industrial elevators and platforms across thousands of industrial and construction applications. By committing to meet the needs of stakeholders around the world, Alimak has built an international reputation for superior vertical access solutions and associated services.

First founded in 1948 by engineer Alvar Lindmark, Alimak introduced the world’s first construction elevator for the construction industry in 1953, quickly followed by the first generation of mast climbing platforms in 1956 and the first rack and pinion elevator in 1962. In 1973, Alimak moved into the industrial sphere with the first of its industrial elevators designed specifically for the offshore industry.

One of the more unique and memorable uses of the Alimak offshore elevator occurred in 2006 when performing artist Katie Melua and her band took an Alimak elevator down to a depth of 303 meters inside one of the hollow legs of the Troll A offshore platform to set the record for the ‘deepest underwater concert’. The rack and pinion elevator, an Alimak Scando Mini, built with explosion proof elevator technology and a 323-metre lifting height, was permanently installed in 1994 inside one of the four legs of the platform. It is one of the world’s deepest underwater elevators. Besides the permanent Alimak rack and pinion elevator, there is also one Heis-Tek Ex traction elevator installed on the facility and several Alimak rack and pinion elevators were used during the construction of the Troll A platform.

More recently, Alimak has continued to drive advances in vertical access technology offering a range of construction hoists, transport platforms and industrial elevators optimised for a variety of applications. Often utilised in challenging and hazardous environments, Alimak vertical access solutions feature a robust design to facilitate the smooth and continuous flow of operations, boosting productivity for stakeholders. Designed for a long operational life, Alimak vertical access solutions offer a range of features geared towards low energy consumption for overall efficiency on sites. Alimak’s high-quality products are found on all seven continents and service over 23,000 industrial sites around the world.

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