Feb 15 2022

Alimak industrial elevators provide reliable vertical access to the grain industry

Alimak industrial elevators are utilised across a wide range of applications within the grain processing industry including storage silos, loading facilities, tall structures housing conveying systems and grain handling facilities. 

Grain storage silos require vertical access for various purposes including inspections and maintenance. Alimak’s robust industrial elevators provide a reliable vertical access solution for the transportation of workers and materials to these parts of the facility.  

Alimak industrial elevators are designed to transport people and cargo to various regions of a grain facility in all-weather situations. Vertical access to grain storage silos is required for multiple purposes, including inspections and maintenance.

The Eastern Grain Marketing Kankakee Shuttle Loading Facility best illustrates the efficacy of Alimak’s industrial elevators for the industry. An Alimak SE 300 was installed at the grain loading facility located in Illinois, USA, offering transport for two passengers to a lifting height of 59 metres and a total of 6 landings. Travelling at 35 metres per minute, this elevator provided access to the leg support tower to ensure that the plant’s distribution of corn and soybeans could reach maximum efficiency.

Alimak was also able to restore a long-service industrial elevator for the GrainCorp Grain Handling Facility in Queensland, Australia, to ensure maximum output. To extend the life of a 26-year-old Alimak industrial elevator, Alimak Service personnel detected and replaced 70 metres of deteriorated mast and base structure. However, due to the proximity of electricity lines to the grain stack on which the elevator was located, Alimak designed and installed a one-of-a-kind winch that allowed the mast to be removed and reassembled manually. The winch, which was attached to the Alimak elevator car, connected each mast component independently and slanted it safely onto the elevator car roof area.

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