Oct 18 2021

Alimak offers reliable vertical access for the power industry

Vertical access solutions are essential in completing daily operations such as routine inspections and maintenance in a wide range of harsh industrial environments. Utilising vertical access systems on site is essential to maintain the efficient running of operations. As such, industrial elevators must endure the demands of harsh working conditions throughout the life of the equipment. Consequently, the design, engineering, and manufacturing quality must be of high quality.

Alimak has a long history in the vertical access industry, dating back over 70 years of manufacturing robust, long-lasting industrial elevators for the varying industrial applications, including within power plants. Alimak understands that each project has its own set of requirements, ranging from smaller passenger industrial elevators for inspection and minor maintenance jobs, to elevators with larger size and weight capacities capable of lifting heavy cargo loads. In response, Alimak has developed a large range of available products with configurations well suited to meet most demands.

With respect to the power industry, an Alimak industrial elevator may be found in everyday usage in all sorts of power production facilities, from classic coal-fired and gas-fired stations to nuclear and renewable hydro, wind, and solar plants, offering an efficient means of vertical transportation. These products are utilised for a variety of critical activities needing easy access to chimneys, silos, transfer towers, boilers, scrubbers and absorbers, heat recovery steam generators, cooling towers, solar towers, dams, and suspension electricity pylons.

This success of the Alimak industrial elevator in the power industry is illustrated through a wide range of case studies, including at the Great Island Power Station in Ireland. The gas-fired station utilises Alimak SE’s rack and pinion design to assist in access to the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), which plays an integral part in the overall success of the plant. This elevator is built to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, while safely transporting up to 500kg or six passengers in total to a height of 28 metres.

To learn more about how Alimak’s large variety of industrial elevators can be used to meet and surpass a wide range of difficult access requirements, get in touch with the Alimak team.