Oct 18 2021

Alimak’s TR range provides durable and reliable vertical access solution

The transport of crucial personnel is often an essential requirement within industrial settings, from power and chemical plants to warehouses and shipyards. Ongoing maintenance throughout daily operations is a constant priority to ensure optimal productivity levels and, more importantly, the highest possible standards of safety in a potentially hazardous environment. Periods of shutdown also call for the reliable and efficient transport of specialist team members and equipment for key inspection and monitoring tasks.

Alimak is renowned the world over as the innovator of hard-wearing technology in vertical access solutions designed to deal with the demands of harsh environments. Alimak’s TR range of elevators is built on traction technology to withstand the challenging conditions of industrial locations. This elevator presents an attractive option where the transport of passengers is a high use priority.

Traction-based elevator technology is often preferred for superior ride comfort and minimal noise during operation. Traction elevators are commonly found in everyday commercial and residential settings. The Alimak TR range of products goes well beyond the build quality and durability of standard traction elevators to deliver these benefits combined with the rugged capability necessary for use in the varying industrial settings.

The TR range is constructed primarily from stainless steel or painted steel with strengthened aluminium flooring and surface coating to guard against corrosion, contributing to the highly robust design and durability. Where required, doors can also be fire rated as an option.

The design of the TR range also allows for the flexibility required in industrial applications. The expert Alimak team routinely configure vertical access solutions from the TR range to meet the specific needs of each installation with a wide range of car sizes, capacities and door configurations to draw from. The space available in operations is often a challenging factor. The TR range can be deployed with the option of machine roomless function or the machine room located on top of the elevator itself. In addition, larger car sizes for efficient transport can be combined with standard shaft sizes and tailored designs which intelligently utilise the space available.

The Alimak TR range brings smooth operation and comfort to a rugged design suitable for many industry applications, with speeds of up to 90 m/minute and capacity up to 5,000kg, contributing to improved productivity.

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