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Alimak possess an extensive portfolio of customised vertical access solutions for an array of construction applications and environments. Alimak’s modular range of construction hoists, transport platforms and mast climbing work platforms can be customized to suit a large range of applications.  

The standard range of Alimak hoists and platforms offer the optimum transport solution for the majority of low rise, medium and high-rise constructions of all types. For specific demands, the modular range can be tailored to almost any height, size or payload and can be installed on inclined or curved structures.  

The Alimak construction hoist system for example allows for single, dual or triplex hoist car configurations with payload capacities of up to 12,400 kg and load space of more than 95 square metres. 

Alimak has a long track record of successfully carrying out projects for construction companies and end users with special demands on products and production. An experienced team of Alimak project engineers can ensure projects requirements are fulfilled. 

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Duomo di Milano

Milan, Italy

20 years of safe vertical access at Duomo di Milano

Alimak built on a 20 year history of delivering custom vertical access solutions for Duomo di Milano to significantly reduce the time cost associated with accessing the construction site on the roof of the structure. Milan Cathedral is the fifth largest church in the world and has a history going back centuries.

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Eiffel Tower

Paris, France

Alimak drove efficiency throughout the renovation of the Eiffel Tower

Owing to a reputation for delivering industry-leading vertical access solutions based on a wealth of expertise and experience, Alimak has had the distinct privilege of providing vertical access solutions for some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks.  Since…

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Crown Casino

Sydney, Australia

A comprehensive vertical access solution for the construction of Crown Casino, Sydney

The recently opened Crown Casino in Sydney has become the tallest building in the city at 271 metres and 75 floors in height. A construction project of this scale and complexity presented a number of vertical access challenges…

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