Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps motor-racing circuit

Stavelot, Belgium

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Stavelot, Belgium



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A robust vertical access solution for high-class dining at a Formula One race circuit

The TPL 800 Transport Platform is a popular choice in Alimak’s light range of vertical access solutions which are suitable for use across a wide range of applications. For the reliable and efficient movement of both personnel and materials, Alimak’s rugged rack and pinion design makes for a hard-wearing transport solution which is capable of withstanding harsh environments such as construction sites.

A key benefit of the TPL 800 is its large car size, low power requirements and low forces to the structure. The TPL 800 allows flexibility for a variety of uses, including the glamorous world of Formula One motorsport at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps motor-racing circuit in Stavelot, Belgium. This venue is world-renowned as the home of many international motor racing events and hosted its first Grand Prix in 1925. With a rich history, the circuit is the current host of the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix and has held a Grand Prix virtually every year since 1983.

This kind of venue calls for a wide range of vital facilities both on and off the track, and the Alimak TPL 800 Transport Platform will form a key part of the circuit’s infrastructure for many years to come. In order to cement its position as a world-class motorsport venue, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps has developed a new section and starting position for the F1 track.

An important factor in the redevelopment work was the new VIP viewing and hospitality area. Following the completion of construction work, the Alimak TPL 800 Transport Platform will remain in place for many years to come as a vital part of operations, providing a reliable, convenient and efficient vertical access solution for food and drink service, climbing 12 metres to the new VIP area.

In this context, the design and engineering of the drive unit are particularly important in delivering a smooth travelling motion and the minimum wear and tear during long term use. A series of guide rollers are mounted on a tandem frame to ensure pressure is distributed consistently whether the platform is being used to transport people, cargo or, in this instance, gourmet food and drink services.

Location: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps motor-racing circuit in Stavelot, Belgium.
Application: Food and drink service
Platform type: Alimak TPL 800 Transport Platform
Capacity: 800 kg
Platform size: 1.0 m × 3.2 m (W x L)
Speed (TP mode/MH mode): 12/24 m/min
Lifting height: 12 m

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