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Alimak construction hoists assist in key Dominican Republic developments

For over 70 years, Alimak has pioneered the vertical access industry, delivering vertical access solutions to meet the needs of various construction and industrial projects around the world. 

In particular, the range of Alimak vertical access solutions for the construction industry includes construction hoists, transport platforms, mast climbing work platforms and material hoists suitable for use across a range of construction applications.  

Alimak recently delivered a variety of Alimak SC45/30 construction hoists to a series of developments underway in the Dominican Republic. These construction hoists provided rapid and reliable vertical access for passengers and materials across all construction sites to reduce waiting times, enhance safety and drive overall productivity across the sites.  

The first construction hoist delivered was to the Shalom Residences project in the Piantini neighbourhood. The Shalom Tower is a residential building featuring modern apartments within proximity to well-developed facilities as the second most expensive district in the country. Alimak delivered an SC45/30 with a Direct-On-Line (DOL) motor, 2000kg capacity and 35 meters per minute speed. For this project the customer had challenges with the availability of the power supply, as such Alimak provided a solution by installing a VFC conversion kit in the installed unit, which also increased the speed to above 50 m/min.

This vertical access solution was ideal due to its reliability, designed using proven Alimak technology and constructed from high-strength steel.

A second Alimak SC45/30 was supplied to the Verde Mare site in the exclusive Belle Vista area. This hoist assists in the construction of the luxury 16-storey project which will offer a remarkable view of the Caribbean Sea. Delivered with a dual car, this construction hoist achieved a speed of 1 metre per second and doubled capacity, ideal for the fast-paced construction site. 

An identical Alimak SC45/30 was also delivered to the Twin Villa Palmera residential project also in the Piantini neighbourhood, demonstrating its adaptability. Such design flexibility is achieved through a variety of customisable features, such as three available door options, including a vertical door, bi-folding door, or vertical door with load ramp. Similarly, a range of voltage options is available to suit any power requirements. All retain low energy consumption, with a high-efficiency helical gearbox affording 30% lower power consumption and operating costs than competitor hoist products.

The Alimak SC45/30 construction hoists delivered to the three Dominican Republic projects helped improve efficiency and sustainability, driving overall productivity.


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