Fuel port at the heat- and powerplant KVV8, Värtahamnen

Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm, Sweden


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First Alimak elevator installed on a portal slewing crane

An Alimak rack and pinion elevator was installed on a new portal slewing crane at the new heat and power plant KVV8’s new fuel terminal in Värta port, Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first time an elevator has been installed on this type of harbour crane.


Alimak has proven that very few applications are too difficult when it comes to installing an elevator. This was demonstrated at the new portal slewing crane at the Värtahamnen in Stockholm, where a special Alimak SE elevator – with a smaller car size than usually
offered within the standard range – was installed.

To be able to tie in the elevator mast tower into this kind of crane structure, the mast tower has been extended up to 25.6 m, while the elevator only reaches up to the height of 16.85 m where the crane operator cabin is located. The elevator mast is only tied with one tie-in at the top.

The crane serves the new power plant with unloading fuel delivered from vessels. These type of cranes are space-saving and efficient and adapt well to the conditions of the new fuel port. The Alimak elevator gets the crane driver to the portal slewing crane’s driver cabin in less than half a minute, improving the efficiency and productivity further. Safety is also improved as hazards, such as slipping on the stairs or objects falling from height, are greatly reduced.


With vessel turnaround schedules measured in hours, it is imperative to maximize crane uptime. Alimak rack and pinion elevators provide reliable and efficient access to the top of the crane for men, tools and repair parts facilitating frequent preventive maintenance and minimizing costly downtime resulting from breakdowns. By allowing operators to access the crane’s cabin more quickly, an elevator also substantially increases the crane’s overall productivity per shift.

Location: Fuel port at the heat- and powerplant KVV8, Värtahamnen, Stockholm, Sweden
Application: Portal slewing crane
Elevator type: Rack and pinion
Elevator model: ALIMAK SE 300
Elevator car size: 0.78 m x 0.91 m x 2.17 m (W x L x H)
Capacity: 300 kg
Speed: 0.59 m/s
Lifting height: 16.85 m

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