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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam, Netherlands



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Alimak provides vertical access solution at the Hotel Y-Towers in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam skyline has been enhanced by the development of two stand-out buildings situated along the IJ River and offering spectacular city views. 

The Hotel Y-Towers stands 114 metres tall and will be operated by the Maritim hotel chain. The development features 579 rooms, conference facilities, and commercial features. The 103-metre-high residential complex includes 174 apartments available. 

One of the first challenges posed by the project was to ensure that the work would be technically possible. Tower cranes are usually anchored to a building at one or two points; however, this project required four anchor points. This led to a problem cladding the building’s facade with natural stone between and above these anchors. The scaffolding option offered by a previous supplier was deemed expensive and unworkable. 

Alimak was approached to provide a vertical access solution for the construction of the development consisting of four mast climbing work platforms from Alimak’s rental fleet in the Netherlands. 

The Alimak team has developed a well-respected reputation in the Dutch construction industry for experienced and reliable drawing, calculation, and assembly services. Alimak had to ensure the mast climbers could be assembled safely and according to the strict regulations enforced throughout the Netherlands, particularly on construction sites. 

Mast climbing work platforms are used to transport workers, equipment, and materials to and from a single point of entry. As they are limited in their operation, mast climbing work platforms are not designed to be used as construction hoists. 

As the mast climbing work platforms could not pass the crane anchors, Alimak needed to mount a mast climbing platform between each anchor. A landing gate was mounted on the building just above each anchor to ensure the platforms could be accessed safely and following regulations. 

According to EN 1495 regulations, the mast climbing work platform can only be entered from one position. Alimak worked to create a step-up point for each mast climber to provide a successful access solution. 


Project: Hotel Y-Towers

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Application: High-rise construction

Product category: Mast climbing work platforms

Model: 4 x MSHF

Capacity: 1,200 kg across 4 mast climbers

Platform size: 10.3 m x 2.1 m

Speed: 7 m/min.

Lifting height: 115 m

No. of landings: 4

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