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Shaoguan, China

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Shaoguan, China



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Alimak industrial elevator assists in production at the Lechang Cement Plant, China

Alimak is the pioneer and a global leader in supplying industrial rack and pinion elevators for more than 60 years. Industrial elevators provide rapid and reliable vertical access for the maintenance and repair of plant equipment in even the most challenging conditions. 

The China National Building Material Group’s (CNBM) Lechang Cement Plant, located in the city of Shaoguan in South China, produces more than 100,000 tons of cement and swelling agent per year. Recently, the 30-year-old plant called on the expertise of Alimak to enhance operations and increase overall efficiency onsite. 

Alimak delivered an SL-H 2000 industrial elevator to assist in production line operations for the plant. For this project, the unit, which features a 2,000 kg capacity, was required to reach a 77-meter lifting height on the plants preheater at a rate of 0.9 meters per second. 

The Alimak SL-H 2000 industrial elevator proved an ideal choice for this project due to its hard-wearing nature. With the cement plant providing a challenging operating environment of high temperatures and dusty conditions, the elevators aluminum and hot-dipped galvanized steel construction safeguards against unnecessary downtime and costs due to operational breakdowns. 

Similarly, the SL-H 2000’s ability to operate without a separate machine room and shaft was vital as it minimized space and building requirements. The location of the robust, high-efficiency drive system on the top of the elevator car made it the best option to retrofit on the existing site with little impact on everyday operations. 

Alimak’s expert team of technicians completed the installation of the elevator. During this process, a challenge was presented when structural differences relating to the preheater tower where the elevator was being installed, were found on-site compared to what existed on provided site drawings. As a result, the design engineers were required to pivot and create a reworked solution that considered the differences in structure, which saw the car size decrease from a 3-meter to 2.4-meter length. 


Industry: Cement

Application type: Preheater tower

Elevator type: Industrial Elevator

Elevator model: ALIMAK SL-H 2000

Capacity: 2,000 kg

Dimensions(W x L x H): 1.4 m x 2.4 m x 2.13 m

Speed: 0.9 m/s

Lifting height: 77 m

No. of landings: 8

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