Maierhof Asphalt Manufacturing Plant

Ortenburg, Germany

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Ortenburg, Germany



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Alimak TPL 500 industrial elevator improves safety and productivity at asphalt manufacturing plant

An Alimak TPL 500 industrial elevator has been permanently installed at Berger Group’s Maierhof Asphalt Manufacturing Facility in Ortenburg, Germany to improve safety and productivity.

In 2020, Alimak completed the installation and commissioning of an Alimak TPL 500 industrial rack and pinion elevator at the manufacturing facility. Located on the asphalt mixing plant, the Alimak industrial elevator will provide personnel access and materials transport to the five levels of the plant structure, reducing crane lifting requirements and improving the safety of operations on site.

Berger Group of Germany is an economically and technologically strong asphalt manufacturer with several state-of-the-art production sites in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

The Alimak industrial elevator provides a safe means of gaining access to the upper levels of the plant for routine maintenance and inspection of equipment in all weather conditions. The Alimak elevator reduces crane lifting on site for the movement of replacement parts and equipment while ensuring compliance with the Machine Directive.

Location: Maierhof Asphalt Manufacturing Plant, Ortenburg, Germany
Application: Asphalt Mixing Plant
Elevator model: Alimak TPL 500
Elevator car size: 1.4 m x 1.6 m (W x L)
Capacity: 500 kg
Speed: 12–24 m/min
No. of landings: 5
Lifting height: 31.5 m

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