Nanhai II Semi-Submersible Drilling Platform

The South China Sea

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The South China Sea


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47-year-old Alimak elevators drive efficiency at the Nanhai II drilling platform in the South China Sea

Alimak offshore and marine elevators are built for maximum performance and safety in the harshest maritime environments, including on offshore drilling platforms utilised in the oil and gas industries. 

In these applications, continuous inspections and maintenance activities are required due to the corrosive effects of humidity and sea water, where practical access to equipment is essential. What’s more, Alimak’s offshore elevators are built to endure severe winds, as well as the roll and pitch of the ocean, to efficiently carry people and materials to elevated positions aboard a ship or platform at sea. 

Alimak delivered two of the first pioneering offshore elevators in 1974, to the Aker H-3 design semi-submersible built by Aker at Stord Shipyard in Norway. The platform is currently named Nanhai II, owned and operated by China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) and located in the South China Sea. The elevators, which have been in operation for almost 50 years, have safely transported passengers with such longevity thanks to a robust and durable construction alongside Alimak Service’s provision of an expert maintenance schedule explicitly tailored to the site’s needs. 

With a lifting height of 33 metres inside two of the drilling platform’s hull columns, the Alimak OS-2 offshore elevators can handle weights of 500 kg or two passengers while lifting at speeds of 0.36 metres per second, significantly increasing efficiency and safety on-site. 

Moreover, Alimak offshore elevators are built with industry standards in mind, with added safety features such as explosion and waterproofing alongside a durable construction from hot-dipped galvanised and stainless steels. This range of features makes the elevators ideal for all drill ships, semi-submersible rigs, jack-up rigs, FPSOs, TLPs, gravity-based structures, swamp barges and other offshore vessels and fixed platforms. 


Industry: Oil & Gas Offshore

Application type: Hull columns

Elevator type: Offshore Elevator

Elevator model: ALIMAK OS-2 Special

No. of elevators: 2

Capacity: 500 kg or 2 passengers

Lifting height: 33 m

Speed: .36 m/s

Manufacture year: 1974

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