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Milano, Italy



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Alimak transport platform at a Penthouse Renovation in Milano

With the assistance of an Alimak transport platform, the top floor apartment of a Penthouse in Milano, Italy, underwent a successful renovation.

The transport platform supplied by Alimak were ideal for the reduced dimension specifications of the construction project. It included rear side brackets for additional anchoring security and landing via scaffolding walkways.

Alimak was selected for our reputation for quality workmanship and reliable products and service. Our valued partner A.C.G.S. S.R.L. specialises in using Alimak equipment and offers outstanding service during preliminary assessments, problem-solving, installation and maintenance processes.

As the penthouse apartment was to be completely renovated over two floors, including the demolition of internal walls, it was not possible to use a condominium lift to transport materials essential for the renovation work. The top floor of the apartment is situated further away from the building’s facade, so it was necessary to install scaffolding allowing workers to access the building. The work was to be carried out over three to four months.

One challenge centred on the minimal space for work on the ground and the facade. This required a vertical access solution that could work within these tight conditions and adjust to a retracted landing area.

All ties of the right mast have been fixed to the rear corner wall with custom-made support. As condominiums use the surrounding ground space as a parking area, there was only a small area available for work.

The Alimak TPL platform thus featured an additional appendix to replace the folding component with an entrance door and to reduce the platform size from 3.2m to 2.2m. These platforms are designed to allow for reliable, efficient access on construction sites where space is minimal. They offer improved functionality and performance in restricted dimensions and can be successfully employed to transport heavy loads to elevated areas on site quickly. With the support of Alimak’s products, the work on the Penthouse apartment could be carried out safely and successfully.

Project: Penthouse Renovation
Location: Porta Nuova, Milano, Italy
Application: Renovation of a top-floor apartment
Platform model: ALIMAK TPL 2000D
Capacity: 2,000 kg
Platform size: 3.2 m x 1.5 m
Speed: 12–24 m/min.
No. of landings: 2
Lifting height: 32 m

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