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22 Alimak Construction Hoists provide vertical access at Brisbane’s Queen’s Wharf redevelopment

Queens Wharf Brisbane represents a major redevelopment of an underutilised area of the city’s waterfront in the CBD, creating a new world-class resort, entertainment and lifestyle destination precinct for locals and visitors alike. 

The expansive $36 million project covers a huge 26 hectares of prime land and water with carefully considered architectural designs. The revitalised waterfront will celebrate the regions’ sub-tropical climate and reflect both Indigenous and European history through bold new construction and
integration with historic heritage buildings.

The scale and scope of the project and the range of functionality required in the vertical access solution called for Alimak’s versatile range of construction hoist rental options. A large selection of construction hoists, in combination with Alimak’s experience in Brisbane’s construction industry, showed that Alimak was the ideal choice of supplier to meet the requirements of the project, offering long-term availability of equipment that could be easily sourced from
Alimak’s local fleet.

22 construction hoists were required to satisfy a wide range of specific on-site vertical access requirements. The larger towers called for the high capacity and speed of the Alimak Scando 650 XL and 650 FC-S hoists to maximise productivity, with a maximum lifting height of 226 metres over 55 levels. 

The smaller buildings were successfully serviced by the Alimak Scando 450 range, delivering a cost-effective and practical vertical transportation solution for the demands of those sections. In addition to the constructions hoists themselves, the continued success of the redevelopment project also relied on the skill and expertise of the Alimak team who were on hand to erect, service and maintain the jumps as the hoists are in constant use across multiple towers.


Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Application: Construction

Hoist models: Alimak Scando 650 XL, 650 FC-S, SC 65/32 and Scando 450

No. of hoist cars: 22

Capacity: Varies between 1,400 kg – 3,100 kg

Speed: Varies up to 100 m/min.

Lifting height: Varies between 24m – 226m

Rental period: May 2019 – late 2023

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