Region: Americas

Cerveceria Chile S.A., a subsidiary of A.B. InBev, embarked on a plant expansion project in Quilicura, Chile. The aim was to enhance operational efficiency by installing an industrial elevator to streamline the movement of grain bags within the brewery facility. The challenging aspect of this project was non-compliance with the designated elevator installation space with local building codes.

After careful consideration, the decision was made to install an Alimak industrial elevator built on rack and-pinion technology, specifically the Alimak SC 45 10/22 model. This project saw collaboration led by A.B. InBev’s project management teams from Argentina and Brazil.

The installation process was complex because the original space design must align with the rack-and pinion elevator specifications. The Alimak team had to make adjustments, including cutting piping for the elevator car entrance. In addition, the available installation space was slightly shorter than required, necessitating careful modifications to ensure a precise fit.

Despite these challenges, Alimak successfully installed the mast and elevator car. The subsequent phase involved systematically demolishing concrete flooring on each floor and installing mast sections. The elevator was thoughtfully designed with a dual entrance to optimise operational flow. Its primary purpose is to transport grain bags, a task that is carried out two to three times daily.

Alimak’s industrial elevator played an instrumental role in optimising limited indoor spaces within the food and beverage facility, significantly enhancing productivity. Beyond vertical transportation of goods, these elevators provide efficient access for maintenance and servicing operations on essential equipment, mitigating downtime costs. Moreover, they offer a safer alternative to manual handling and forklift operations, fostering a secure working environment.

This Brewery plant project in Quilicura, Chile, is a testament to the adaptability and effectiveness of Alimak’s industrial elevators in challenging environments.

Location: Santiago, Chile
Industry: Food & Beverage
Application: Brewery
Elevator type: Alimak SC 45 10/22
Capacity: 1,000 kg
Elevator size: 1.4 m x 2.2 m
Speed: 1.0 m/s
Lifting height: 18 m
No. of landings: 5

The 3,200-acre Port of Long Beach in southern California is the second busiest port in the United States and the 15th busiest container cargo port in the world. With 71 post-panamax gantry cranes in operation, the Port of Long Beach handled more than 7.31 million containers (TEUs) in 2007. In 1986, Alimak delivered the first of eight Alimak Scando Mini 2/10 elevators to provide improved access to the port’s container cranes. Since then, 54 additional Alimak elevators and 4 Champion elevators have joined the port’s crane elevator fleet.

Uptime and productivity are key

With vessel turnaround schedules measured in hours, it is imperative to maximize crane uptime. Alimak rack and pinion elevators provide reliable, efficient access to the top of the crane for men, tools, and repair parts, facilitating frequent preventive maintenance and minimizing costly downtime resulting from breakdowns. By allowing operators to access the crane’s cabin more quickly, an elevator also substantially increases the crane’s overall productivity per shift.

Alimak elevators are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors and indoors. Because an Alimak rack and pinion elevator carries its own machinery, it does not require an expensive machine room or load-bearing elevator shaft.

Location: Port of Long Beach, California, USA
Application: Ship-to-shore gantry cranes
Elevator type: Rack and pinion
No. of elevators: 55
Elevator models:
6 x ALIMAK ALICOM 680 Special
2 x ALIMAK SE 450 FC
Lifting height: Varies between 25 m to 48 m

The Alimak PL range of warehouse elevators is specially designed to meet the needs of busy warehouse and logistics operations. From parcel and trolley elevators to larger palette elevators, the PL range can increase efficiency and productivity in the warehouse environment while also cutting down manual handling and contributing to safe working practices.

The seafood factory Camanchaca in Tomé in Chile, called for a larger warehouse elevator to reach greater heights and replace the old goods elevator for processing, packaging, and loading food products. The installation presented several additional challenges related to this site, the safety requirements of their ongoing food-handling work and the additional health and safety considerations around Covid restrictions. Alimak was the only provider able to meet the requirements of this project.

The warehouse space has been expanded gradually over the years and the warehouse elevator therefore needed to connect various processes across multiple floors at varying heights. The three lower levels are concerned with processing, packing and loading salmon and need to be a food-safe area with temperatures kept at close to zero degrees Celsius. The two upper levels are used for packaging materials and supplies. The space available featured a low ceiling and did not allow for a separate machine room. The warehouse elevator would also need to be enclosed within a shaft once installation was complete, built with materials appropriate for food processing on the lower levels. All this needed to be completed without interrupting the ongoing work of the facility.

The flexible design of the Alimak PL 1000 warehouse elevator proved to be an ideal vertical access solution for this project’s limited space, with no machine room required and no headroom requirements. Installation was carried out in stages in order to allow everyday work to continue. The isolated food processing area was first closed off with plastic and was then opened for elevator work during a regular weekend closure. Installation continued with low temperatures maintained throughout and the extra safety measure of a daily Covid test for all team members on site. To remain compliant with local food safety laws, Alimak also supplied and installed a roof and lateral walls of stainless steel.

The complete warehouse elevator Is now in place providing non-stop access to all levels of the facility and delivering smooth operations from pallets of packaging material to packages of finished products loading onto trucks for delivery.

Location: Tomé, Chile
Industry: Food & Beverage
Application: Seafood factory, warehouse
Elevator model: Alimak PL 1000
Capacity: 1,000 kg
Elevator size: 1.4 m x 1.5 m
Speed: 12 m/min
No. of landings: 5
Lifting height: 7.5 m

The Serra Sul Iron complex is located in the municipality of Canaã dos Carajás, in southeast Pará in Brazil and has received an investment of 6.4 billion dollars towards an expansion, which includes opening up new mining areas and duplicating the long-distance belt conveyor.

The board of the Serra Sul 120 project has approved the expansion with a goal to increase the capacity of the mine’s iron ore operations from by 20Mt to a total 120Mtpy at the site, lifting the Northern System’s capacity to 260Mtpy.

Eight (8) Alimak SC 45 industrial elevators were installed at the iron ore site as part of an expansion to increase the capacity of the mine’s iron ore operations. The installation of Alimak elevators includes three at the ore screening, one at the silo and four elevators at the crusher.

The elevators are used daily to provide safe and efficient transport for material, tools and personnel for gridding and crusher applications. The expansion brings modern and sustainable solutions and assists the Brazilian iron ore in remaining competitive in the global market. An important feature is the reduced consumption of diesel and natural moisture processing without tailings dams.

The Alimak SC range of elevators is adaptable to various applications, providing a flexible option to increase productivity on site.

Based on tried and tested rack and pinion technology, the robust design of the Alimak SC range features durable materials that offer low energy consumption.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are preferred in the mining industry as they provide the ideal vertical access solution with supreme performance in aboveground and underground applications.

Location: Serra Sul iron ore mine, Canaã dos Carajás, Pará, Brazil
Industry: Mining
Application: Gridding and crusher
Elevator model: Alimak SC 45
No. of elevators: 8
Capacity: 2,000 kg
Elevator car size: 1.5 m x 3.0 m
Speed: 0.9 m/s
Lifting height: Varies between 25 m to 39 m
No. of landings: 8 stops, 180° access

An Alimak SE 500 Industrial elevator was installed at the VALE Tubarão complex, located in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil.

The complex is home to the largest production facility of iron ore pellets in the world and covers an area of 14,000 km2. Housing eight of Vale’s pellet plants, the complex produces more than 20 million tonnes of pellets each year. It includes the largest rail yard in Latin America and features operational units, an administrative building, cafeterias, bank branches, and a post office.

The complex featured an existing Alimak industrial elevator which was fabricated in 1998 and had come to the end of its working life. Alimak was approached to provide a replacement elevator due to its strong experience and positive reputation providing industrial elevators to the ports and shipyards industry, which improve productivity, enhance safety, and allow efficient transportation of passengers and products.

The Alimak SE 500 FC elevator is built on rack and pinion technology and contains a compact drive unit, which means it does not require a shaft or a machine room. The elevator was installed on a ship unloader crane receiving coal ships at the Tubarão complex. Its durable design and reliable performance allow for outstanding vertical access in challenging or confined environments, and for the efficient transportation of personnel, tools, and heavy loads.

The Alimak SE ranges comes with a range of car sizes and car door options and is designed to descend safely in the event of a power outage.

The elevator installed within the Tubarão complex is used daily, primarily for shift changes. Alimak was congratulated by the client on providing an efficient access solution which reduces the need for employees to use stairwells which does not create significant noise or vibration while in use.


Location: Tubarão complex, Vitória, Brazil
Application: Ship unloader crane
Elevator model: ALIMAK SE 500 FC
Elevator capacity: 500 kg
Elevator car size (W x L x H): 0.91 m x 1.0 m x 2.17 m
Speed: 0.9 m/s
Lifting height: 40 m
No. of landings: 4

The Genelba Thermal Power Plant (CT GENELBA) is located in Marcos Paz, in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The plant was initially a Simple Cycle gas-fired power plant until it was converted to a Combined Cycle power plant, comprised of four gas and two steam turbines, in 2019. 

The upgraded project resulted in a multi-shaft configuration featuring two gas turbines, each driving its own generator. In 2020, the plant received an investment of $350 million to expand its generation capacity and make power generation more efficient for more than 2.5 million homes across Argentina. 

The plant is located just one kilometre from the Ezeiza transforming station allowing for the efficient supply of electricity to the country’s highest demand area. CT GENELBA is also one of the largest thermal power plants in the country, providing 2.9% of Argentina’s installed capacity of 1,253 MW. 

The stakeholders at CT GENELBA required reliable, safe, and robust elevators to transport heavy tools, materials, and personnel at the plant. The two landings also needed to be accessed via opposite sides of the elevator car. A crucial demand of industrial elevators used in this application is that they reliably operate daily for routine control and maintenance works with minimal downtime. 

After careful consideration, three Alimak SC 45 industrial elevators built on rack and pinion technology were installed at the site, one for each of the plant’s chimneys. 

Each chimney has two landings that are accessible with doors on opposing sides, providing 180° access to the elevator car. Alimak’s industrial elevators feature the added safeguard of a bi-parting door lock safety cover to prevent accidental touch. 

Safety is enhanced with the inclusion of an Alimak safety device, overload sensor, and mechanical interlocking door system to guarantee the highest safety standards. The elevator speed of 0.5m/s significantly improves efficiency at the plant to quickly transport personnel responsible for continuously monitoring vital emission measurements. The highly efficient helical gearbox also uses 30% less power consumption. 

Alimak’s SC 45 industrial elevators are popular for application in the power industry due to their robust car design with door and ramp options to ensure optimal performance in harsh conditions. Safety is further enhanced, and productivity is increased by removing the requirement for personnel to climb stairs for regular inspections.


Location: Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Application: Chimney lifts

Elevator type: Alimak SC 45 Industrial FC

No. of elevator cars: 3

Capacity: 1,000 kg

Elevator size: 1,400 mm x 2,400 mm

Speed: 0.5m

Lifting height: 32m

No. of landings: 2

Installation: 2022


Located within Corona Park in New York, the World’s Fair Observation Towers are three concrete structures originally constructed in 1962 for the iconic New York World’s Fair held in 1964. 

Standing at 26, 49, and 69 metres, the towers were utilised as observation platforms and refreshment centres for visiting dignitaries attending the fair. 

The towers were deemed too expensive to remove after the festival and have deteriorated since. However significant funding has been recently received for a complete restoration and further upgrades consisting of new architectural lighting and waterproofing for future preservation. 

Alimak delivered a Scando 650 FC 32/39 construction hoist to assist in the restoration of the tallest of the three towers across a span of three years. With a lifting height of 58 meters and a total of three landings, the Alimak Scando 650 construction hoist can carry a capacity of 3,200 kg at a speed of 54 meters per minute. 

The Alimak Scando 650 provided an attractive vertical access solution for the project, designed for the efficient transportation of passengers and materials for enhanced productivity on construction sites. Moreover, Alimak’s team of application and design engineers were able to design a vertical access system that reduced loads imposed on the structure by having the Mod 5 rack and pinion located in the centre of the mast tower. Standard features of the range include easy floor level programming, intelligent control, and superior ride comfort. 

What’s more, Alimak were able to work in conjunction with the sites temporary scaffolding structure. The scaffold was utilised to transport personnel and goods, enhancing efficiency to erect the hoist by providing a straight guide. 

Hoist Details

Location: New York State Pavilion, Queens, NY, USA 
Application: Observation tower 
Industry: Construction 
Hoist model: Alimak Scando 650 FC 32/39 I 
Capacity: 3,200 kg (7,100 lbs) 
Hoist car size  (W x L x H): 1.5 x 3.9 x 2.3 m  (4’-11” x 12’-9” x 7’-6”) 
Speed: 54 m/min. (177 fpm) 
Lifting height: 58 m (190’) 
No. of landings: 3

Alimak construction hoists assist in key Dominican Republic developments

For over 70 years, Alimak has pioneered the vertical access industry, delivering vertical access solutions to meet the needs of various construction and industrial projects around the world. 

In particular, the range of Alimak vertical access solutions for the construction industry includes construction hoists, transport platforms, mast climbing work platforms and material hoists suitable for use across a range of construction applications.  

Alimak recently delivered a variety of Alimak SC45/30 construction hoists to a series of developments underway in the Dominican Republic. These construction hoists provided rapid and reliable vertical access for passengers and materials across all construction sites to reduce waiting times, enhance safety and drive overall productivity across the sites.  

The first construction hoist delivered was to the Shalom Residences project in the Piantini neighbourhood. The Shalom Tower is a residential building featuring modern apartments within proximity to well-developed facilities as the second most expensive district in the country. Alimak delivered an SC45/30 with a Direct-On-Line (DOL) motor, 2000kg capacity and 35 meters per minute speed. For this project the customer had challenges with the availability of the power supply, as such Alimak provided a solution by installing a VFC conversion kit in the installed unit, which also increased the speed to above 50 m/min.

This vertical access solution was ideal due to its reliability, designed using proven Alimak technology and constructed from high-strength steel.

A second Alimak SC45/30 was supplied to the Verde Mare site in the exclusive Belle Vista area. This hoist assists in the construction of the luxury 16-storey project which will offer a remarkable view of the Caribbean Sea. Delivered with a dual car, this construction hoist achieved a speed of 1 metre per second and doubled capacity, ideal for the fast-paced construction site. 

An identical Alimak SC45/30 was also delivered to the Twin Villa Palmera residential project also in the Piantini neighbourhood, demonstrating its adaptability. Such design flexibility is achieved through a variety of customisable features, such as three available door options, including a vertical door, bi-folding door, or vertical door with load ramp. Similarly, a range of voltage options is available to suit any power requirements. All retain low energy consumption, with a high-efficiency helical gearbox affording 30% lower power consumption and operating costs than competitor hoist products.

The Alimak SC45/30 construction hoists delivered to the three Dominican Republic projects helped improve efficiency and sustainability, driving overall productivity.


The Alimak Scando 650 is renowned in the construction industry for its supreme flexibility designed to meet the varied requirements of a wide array of construction projects.

The unique construction project for MSG Sphere at The Venetian in Las Vegas relied on 18 Alimak Scando 650 construction hoists which needed to be effectively adapted for the specific tasks involved and the installation of one of the world’s largest high-definition screens.

The sphere-shaped arena itself will be a major 17,500 seat entertainment destination for music and sports events, reaching 110 metres (360 feet) in height and 152 metres (500 feet) across. Perhaps the most impressive defining feature of the area is its exterior which will form a video wall of staggering scale, with over 58 km (36 miles) of LED lights and a 250-million-pixel screen with 19,000 by 13,500 HD resolution.

The requirements of this bold construction project required tailored functionality and a wide range of features outside the capabilities of standard construction hoist applications. The impressive adaptability of the Alimak Scando 650 construction hoist allowed for a comprehensive vertical access system to be developed for the unique needs of the MSG Sphere. Utilising 3D BIM modelling in the design stage, while coordinating with Alimak’s proven ability in engineering and production, delivered an outcome suited to these specific requirements.

A rental package of 18 Scando 650 construction hoists provided a tailored and practical vertical access solution for working at height when transporting both personnel and materials. The range of cars supplied will provide ideal flexibility throughout the construction project, facilitating multiple types of attachment processes with varied car sizes, types and entry/exit points. 3D BIM modelling, alongside the expertise of the Alimak design and engineering teams in leveraging the potential of the Scando 650 hoist, offered peace of mind on the successful execution of the bespoke vertical access solution.

Total Grain Marketing (TGM) is a full service grain company, meeting the grain demands of their producers and consumers. TGM was established in 2006 as a venture between Effingham-Clay Service Company, GROWMARK Inc., and Wabash Valley Service Company. TGM is one of the largest non-multinational grain companies in the state of Illinois, and supports end users in the areas of milling, ethanol, feed, grain processors, export and pet food. 

The TGM Casey IL Facility went through a renovation project in 2013, which replaced two aging receiving legs, one of which had a small, traction man lift attached to it. The removal of this Traction Man Lift allowed the Casey facility to increase the size of the interior legs and better serve their customers by increasing their dumping capacity per hour. As part of the renovation TGM wanted to find a cost effective alternative to the man lift that was located within the trunking of the existing legs. 

The application of an Alimak SE300 Model elevator (man lift) was selected by TGM/GROWMARK as a cost-effective product for this facility. The man lift was easily installed on the existing concrete silo, by the addition of a concrete foundation at the base, and platform extension at the top of the silo. This installation was performed by TGM’s Millwrights, with final inspection and testing of the unit by AHI.  

Alimak’s unique rack and pinion drive design and rugged car and electrical components are specifically designed for outdoor use and avoid the need for an enclosed hoist way and separate supporting structure.  

The installed SE300 DOL elevator (man lift) features Single automatic operation. It has a capacity of 660 lbs (2 person design), a lifting height of 128.5 feet and 2 landings. The car travels at 140 fpm and is attached to a pre-existing concrete silo. The elevator (man lift) has an above ground pit and stair platform assembly that was furnished by Alimak. 

The design is very easily incorporated onto the exterior of existing structures, as at this TGM facility.  

Alimak is proud to have provided the man lift on the Casey, IL Facility, as this location provides for outbound distribution of approximately 20 million bushels of grain per year. 

Alimak, with its Alimak elevator (man lift) and hoist products and mast climbing work platforms, is the world leader in rack & pinion driven vertical access solutions. Alimak elevators (man lifts) and hoists have been installed in over 1000 power plants worldwide on a variety of structures. In the US, over 700 such installations exist, many on chimneys, silos, and other industrial structures.  

Alimak, has many years of experience in installing Alimak elevator equipment in industrial environments, and can provide technical assistance in evaluating the best location and solution for your installation. After installation, Alimak’s USA team of nationwide service professionals remains committed to satisfaction and can provide a range of parts, service, and maintenance solutions tailored to any operator’s needs. 


Started in 1927 by Illinois Farm Bureau members, Growmark Grain Systems is a regional cooperative that provides agriculture-related products, services and grain marketing in the Midwest and Ontario, Canada.  

The Eastern Grain Marketing Kankakee Shuttle Loading Facility is a custom-designed, green field elevator facility. It was designed and is currently managed by Growmark Grain Systems. Growmark Grain Systems constructed the state-of-the-art facility using only the best quality products for dependability. The facility can hold two million bushels in storage space at the shuttle location.  

The application of an Alimak SE300 Model elevator (man lift) was selected by Growmark as a cost-effective product for this green field facility. The man lift was easily installed on the leg support tower, constructed by LeMar Industries, which serves as the back bone to the facility design. 

The Alimak SE300 elevator (man lift) will allow on-site personnel access to critical tower landings, several times a day. In addition, personnel will be able to transfer maintenance equipment (such as gearbox oil) and repair components using the 660 lbs capacity unit.  

Alimak’s unique rack and pinion drive design and rugged car and electrical components are specifically designed for outdoor use and avoid the need for an enclosed hoist way and separate supporting structure.  

The installed SE 300 VFC elevator (man lift) features full collective operation – 2 Car Doors (enter at grade on one side of car and exit off onto platform levels at opposite side). It has a capacity of 660 lbs (2 person design), a lifting height of 196 feet and 6 landings. The car travels at 118 fpm and is attached to the LeMar Industries Tower system. The elevator (man lift) has an above ground pit and stair platform assembly that was furnished by Alimak. 

This design is very easily incorporated onto the exterior of new structures, as at this EGM facility, but is also easily retrofit onto existing grain facility structures (steel towers or concrete silo structures) as needed. Alimak is proud to support the Kankakee Shuttle Loading Facility, which provides for outbound distribution of Corn (approximately 440,000 bushels via rail) and Soy Beans (40-50 Containers) per day.  

Alimak, with its Alimak elevator (man lift) and hoist products and mast climbing work platforms, is the world leader in rack & pinion driven vertical access solutions. Alimak elevators (man lifts) and hoists have been installed in over 1000 power plants worldwide on a variety of structures. In the US, over 700 such installations exist, many on chimneys, silos, and other industrial structures.  

Alimak, has many years of experience in installing Alimak elevator equipment in industrial environments, and can provide technical assistance in evaluating the best location and solution for your installation. After installation, Alimak’s USA team of nationwide service professionals remains committed to satisfaction and can provide a range of parts, service, and maintenance solutions tailored to any operator’s needs. 


Two Alimak rack and pinion elevators were installed on transmission towers along the Amazon River. With each tower as tall as the Eiffel tower, the Alimak elevators provide access for critical servicing and maintenance. 

A pair of Alimak rack and pinion elevators were installed to provide vertical access to two tubular towers carrying a 500 kV power cable across the Amazon River in Brazil. Located near the Equator, and with the nearest village of Almeirim an hour’s travel by speedboat, the environment would prove challenging for any elevator company. 

Tallest in South America  

At heights of 295 metres, the transmission towers are the tallest of their kind in South America. With three 500 kV power lines and two 230 kV lines, the power line systems stretches 1,240 km through the Amazon rainforest. Each Alimak elevator reaches lifting heights of 288.6 metres and features Alimak’s proven rack and pinion drive system. 

Access to cable stays and aircraft warning lights  

Alimak takes great pride in participating in the project, having been awarded the contract for supply and installation of two rack and pinion elevators by contractor, Isolux Corsan. Installed by Alimak and commissioned in March 2013, the elevators allow service and maintenance personnel to access power cable stays and aircraft warning lights located on each tower. 

Elevator design  

Alimak elevators are designed to operate in the most demanding industrial environments around the world, both outdoors and within building structures. The Alimak rack and pinion drive system offers advantages over wire rope and hydraulic elevators: by carrying its own machinery, the Alimak elevator does not require an expensive machine room or load-bearing elevator shaft. The rack and pinion elevator also offers a safety advantage over traction elevators: in a power outage, the car uses gravity and a centrifugal brake system to slide back to the nearest landing at a controlled speed. Should the elevator car exceed the rated speed when descending, the car is stopped automatically by the Alimak safety device. The Alimak range of industrial elevators offers capacities of between 300 kg — 2,400 kg, and features 30 different standard car sizes up to a maximum 1.56 m x 3.0 m. Travel speeds of up to 1.0 m/s may be reached, with maximum lifting heights of 250 m achievable with standard accessories. Specially-designed elevators with capacities of up to 24-tons and 645 metre lifting heights may also be supplied on request. 

Located near the Equator, the central Amazon rainforest boasts extreme heat, humidity and heavy rains… a challenging environment for any elevator company. Alimak rack and pinion elevators adapt well to extreme environments, tight spaces and windy conditions, climbing to the very top of the highest structures around the world. 

Experienced supplier 

Alimak has considerable experience with installations within the power industry. Alimak elevators can be found on chimneys, silos, boilers, scrubbers, absorbers, precipitators and more, worldwide. Ideally suited for operation in even the most extreme environments, the durable nature of the Alimak SE range of elevators has made it the perfect access solution for the most demanding conditions. From the freezing and exposed conditions of the Antarctic and Iceland, to the extreme heat of the Australian desert, Alimak elevators are built to last in world’s toughest environments. 

Alimak installations in extreme environments around the world include:  

  • Halley Research Station, Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica; 1 goods elevator  
  • Arab Potash Plant, Dead Sea, Jordan; 5 elevators  
  • Fjardaál Aluminium Smelter, Reydarfjordur, Iceland; 1 elevator  
  • Chimney Stacks, Mt Isa Mine, Australia; 2 elevators  
  • Yangtze River Crossing, Jiangsu Province, China; 2 elevators 


Location: Almeirim, Para, Brazil  

Installation year: 2013  

Application: Electricity transmission towers  

Elevator type: Rack and Pinion  

Elevator model: Alimak SE 500 FC  

No. of elevators: 2  

Capacity: 500 kg (6 persons)  

Elevator car size: 0.78 m 1.56 m 2.17 m (W x L x H)  

Speed: 0.8 m/s

Lifting height: 288.6 m  

No. of landings: 7 


An Alimak SE-H rack and pinion elevator was installed to provide vertical access for frequent upkeep and maintenance of a flue gas desulfurization system at a power plant near New Haven, WA, USA. 

The large capacity elevator ensures the plant can stay on top of the maintenance, without the need for a crane. 

The AEP Mountaineer Power Plant is a coal-fired, 1300 megawatt generating facility located near New Haven, West Virginia. To achieve this output of electricity AEP Mountaineer burns an average of 9,000 tons to 12,000 tons of coal a day. AEP has added to this plant state of the art emission control equipment. One piece of this system is a flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system. FGD systems, commonly known as “scrubbers”, will help keep the plant in compliance with environmental regulations by reducing the sulfur dioxide emissions. The FGD building is running constantly and it requires frequent upkeep and maintenance. The plant decided they needed a large capacity elevator to stay on top of the maintenance, without the need for a crane. AEP Mountaineer chose an Alimak SE-H 2700 rack and pinion elevator with a 2,700 kg capacity (near 6000 lb). By installing a large permanent elevator on the FGD building they can get personnel plus their heavy tools, large equipment and specialized parts to the top of the FGD building at any moment. This may minimize unplanned outages if the scrubber goes down because they can start repair work instantly. Alimak rack and pinion elevators can be placed in environments where traditional traction elevators cannot, for several reasons: 

  • Alimak elevator can be installed onto the existing structure in a number of places because it requires no hoist way or machine room 
  • It is vertically self-supporting and imposes only relatively small tie-in loads on the existing structure 
  • The elevator can be installed inside or outside, with or without a below grade pit 
  • Alimak’s rugged, industrial grade elevators 
  • come in many sizes and capacities and can be tailored to fit in nearly any situation 

Alimak, with an extensive line of elevator and hoist products, and mast climbing work and transport platforms has been the world leader in rack and pinion driven vertical access solutions for over 50 years. Elevators and hoists from Alimak have been installed in numerous power plants worldwide on a variety of structures. 


Location: AEP Mountaineer Station New Haven, WV, USA 

Application: Flue Gas Desulfurization 

Elevator type: Rack and pinion 

Elevator model: Alimak SE-H 2700 FC 

Capacity: 2,700 kg (5,950 lbs) 

Elevator car size: (W x L) 1.56 m x 3.38 m (5’ – 1 3/8” x 11’ – 1 1/8”) 

Elevator car height: 2.35 m (7´- 8 1/2”) 

Speed: 42 m (140 ft) 

Lifting height: 80 m 

No of landings: 5