Oct 25 2021

The benefits of Alimak industrial elevators for the chemical industry

Alimak provides high quality industrial elevators built on rack and pinion and traction technologies. For over 70 years, Alimak has pioneered the vertical access industry, delivering solutions to meet the needs of various industrial projects around the world.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are utilised in chemical facilities worldwide for daily maintenance and the transportation of people and equipment during shutdown periods. Boilers, chimneys, crackers, LNG & LPG tanks, and towers are typical industrial elevator applications in chemical plants.

The benefits of investing in an Alimak vertical access solution are extensive. The implementation of an industrial elevator significantly minimises climbing and manual handling for all relevant personnel. This, in turn, significantly improves efficiency and safety in operations through reduced time spent climbing.

Likewise, innovative tried and trusted technology enables Alimak to include a range of safety features as standard to the range of industrial elevators available. From an industry-leading mechanical and electrical interlocking door system to explosion proofing, safety is at the forefront of Alimak engineering.

This feature was specifically relevant for the Dyno Nobel ammonium nitrate plant, located in Queensland’s coal-rich Bowen Basin, which produces the raw materials required to service Australia’s growing demand for mining explosives. Alimak delivered the Alimak SE 700 as an access elevator to the 70-metre tall prill tower for which the model is ideal due to its capacity of 700kg and speed of 60 metres per minute.

Alongside increased efficiencies and safety, Alimak’s industrial elevators are optimised to thrive in the harsh environments of chemical plants with robust and durable designs. This durability is illustrated by the Alimak SL 650 industrial elevator that is installed at the Shanxi Changqing Energy Chemical Co plant located in the Shanxi Province of China. This busy coal and chemical plant provides an abrasive atmosphere for the elevator to operate, which required a hard-wearing outdoor industrial elevator. Alimak delivers the ideal solution, constructed from durable aluminium car wall panels, hot-dip galvanised steel support frames and stainless-steel electrical cabinets.

Learn more about the Alimak range of industrial elevators suitable for the chemical industry via the website, or get in touch to discuss product selection for an upcoming project.