May 13 2020

Vertical access solutions for reliable and safe operations in the food and beverage industry

As the market-leading provider of vertical access solutions, Alimak has developed various types of industrial elevators to meet many types of access needs.

An industrial elevator aids customers in the food and beverage manufacturing industry to improve operations in several areas to enhance efficiency, productivity and the safety of their workers.

For outdoor applications mounted on the exterior of silos, tanks and other structures, the robust construction of an Alimak rack and pinion elevator makes for a reliable and durable access solution, aimed at reducing costly downtime to a minimum. An industrial elevator ensures efficient and safe access with little to no time-consuming and potentially unsafe stair or ladder climbing. Whether the elevator is being used for everyday operational tasks such as transporting personnel, bags, drums, pallets, tools and parts or for regular inspections and maintenance, all of these tasks can be streamlined and completed with greatly reduced safety risks. Alimak’s rack and pinion design also provides a practical access solution, without any need for an elevator shaft or machine room, saving space and allowing for easy installation without expensive and disruptive work on existing structures. The design of Alimak’s industrial elevators is flexible to suit your particular operational needs with more than 30 car sizes, unlimited lifting height or landing points that can be achieved.

For indoor applications, the food and beverage industry can also harness the benefits of superior vertical access solutions to drive productivity and safety in warehouse environments. While traditional physical lifting and navigating stairs can be time-consuming and presents several health and safety risks, an investment in a warehouse elevator ensures a safer and more efficient culture across warehouse operations.  Significant costs and safety risks associated with forklift based approaches within warehouses, for instance caused by limited visibility for forklift operators and the necessary removal of handrail provisions in lifting platform areas can be mitigated with an custom designed elevator, having a small footprint to utilise the available all-important warehouse and processing space.

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