Nov 11 2019

2019 Hoist upgrade increases productivity and comfort for the construction industry

Alimak continues to invest in new technologies and concepts to improve the productivity and sustainability of the construction industry. At Bauma 2019, Alimak launched an upgrade of the Alimak Scando 650 FC-S, one of the world’s most popular high-speed construction hoists. The upgraded hoist has an increased payload, a larger car size, better ride comfort and more intelligence. In combination with the flexibility and efficiency of Scando 650’s, this new 2019 model is the ultimate lifting choice for the high demanding construction industry.

Since Alimak was founded more than 70 years ago, its ambition has been to be the technology leader in the segments served.

The 650 FC-S upgrade incorporates all the benefits of the existing 650 FC-S modular hoist concept, while delivering new solutions and improvements in payload capacity, car volume, ride comfort and intelligence.

With a payload capacity of 3,500 kg per hoist car, the 2019 upgrade increases the capacity by 300 kg, increasing productivity on high demand construction projects by up to 10% compared to its predecessor.

Also, the hoist car height has been enlarged from 2.3 m to 2.8 m increasing the total load space volume by 22% ensuring efficient transportation of personnel and materials, including bulky goods.

To achieve the capacity upgrade Alimak’s engineers have redesigned the hoist concept having a 5 m car length as standard. The load carrying car frame and floor have been reinforced to handle larger weight.

All these improvements enable transportation of higher and larger payloads than ever before, with a standard hoist from the Alimak high-speed range.

New intelligence in the Alimak Overload Sensing System with measurements of parameters such as the weight of the hoists trailing cables, ensures that the correct weight of the hoist is updated in real time, no matter the vertical position of the hoist.

A new smart Frequency Converter (FC) ensures maximum speed of the hoist independent of payload or any voltage drop. The new FC has an improved power supply/torque limitation function, ensuring that the hoist does not stop but automatically adopts the speed in case of a voltage drop. The FC also optimizes the maximum speed with regards to current payload, to ensure the most efficient operation at any payload.

The ride comfort has been improved with a lower operating noise level.

Available in either a single or dual car configuration, the 650 FC-S offers payload capacities up to 3,500 kg per car, and speeds of up to 100 m/min.

Alimak Group has a strategic ambition to remain a market leader through innovation, customer collaboration and investments in new technology to increase customer productivity, reduce environmental impact and cut costs.

The new optional landing call system, AliCall, offers wireless communication between hoist car and landings. Through use of new technologies and innovative solutions, AliCall lowers the installation costs of landing call system by up to 30%, through shorter installation time and less hard wiring.

AliCall also improves the usability for the hoist operator, as the operator can view the designated landings on an LCD screen in the hoist car requiring fewer manual operations by the hoist operator.  

The upgraded Alimak Scando 650 FC-S is engineered and manufactured in Sweden.