Feb 25 2020

Alimak continue driving innovation with advanced AliCall wireless landing call system

Alimak are recognised globally as the leading force behind numerous technological and engineering advances which have transformed the vertical access industry time and time again over a proud history spanning more than seven decades.

Not least, Alimak are famous for pioneering the use of rack and pinion technology in the construction market, introducing a rack and pinion drive construction site hoist in 1962.

Alimak have remained committed to a culture of constant innovation and product development with the aim of maintaining their position at the leading edge of current technology in order to deliver our customers with all the benefits the latest advances can offer. This outlook is demonstrated by the exciting introduction of the wireless communication technology of the new AliCall landing call system. This new UL approved system provides communication between the hoist car unit and each landing with wireless technology and delivers improved efficiency of operations and planning through a number of key features.

The LCD display screen shows operators clear information on designated landings and current level indicators in real time for increased situational awareness and improved productivity. In addition, the display also shows the location of current calls and their direction of travel as well as alerts and messages for issues such as high wind conditions or weight overloads. Calls are automatically cleared once the requested landing has been reached which means fewer manual operational tasks are required, improving the ease of use for construction site hoist operators. The robust construction of Alimak’s rack & pinion elevator drive system is also reflected in the tough water-resistant design of the LCD information panel. This system is capable of supporting high scale construction projects with coverage reaching up 128 landings or heights of 500 metres.

The innovative development of new technologies such as the wireless AliCall landing call system translates into real, tangible benefits for customers who rely on vertical access products such as a construction hoist for their day to day operations. The introduction of this wireless landing call system and remote monitoring system not only improves productivity in use but also significantly cuts down on the installation time and hard wiring work required for traditional landing call systems and therefore reduces installation costs by up to 30%.

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