Dec 21 2021

The benefits of employing Alimak rental equipment

Alimak has over 23,000 vertical access solutions installed worldwide, all of which are designed to increase efficiency and safety on site. Alimak’s vertical access solutions are sought after for their rugged and trustworthy design, with variants available to satisfy the specific needs of various sectors and conditions.

Alimak’s rental products solve the obstacles of vertical access on construction and industrial sites in several nations, including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia where rental products are currently offered. The Alimak products available for hire are ideal for new construction projects, demolitions, inspections, maintenance, and facade work, among other applications. The advantages of renting Alimak equipment are numerous.

Access to Alimak’s full range of products

Through Alimak’s rental program, a full range of products are available, including construction hoists, material hoists, transport platforms and mast climbing work platforms. Such variety ensures that both construction and industrial sites can benefit from Alimak’s industry-leading access solutions when required.

Reduced short and long-term costs

The rental offering available from Alimak enables stakeholders to lower inventory costs whilst retaining access to high-quality vertical access solutions on demand in the short term. Similarly, rental equipment removes the requirement for additional expense on servicing and maintenance over its lifespan as this is managed by Alimak. 

Complete project management

Alimak provides rental customers with a project manager to determine the best vertical access solution for each project which includes application engineering, supervision, planning, setup and takedown services. Alimak’s experienced vertical access team can assist with safety and logistical requirements to allow customers to focus on running profitable operations.

Complete compliance

Alimak is committed to ensuring that all rental equipment meets local and global standards at all times, including for health and safety, quality and environmental impacts. Such assurance takes the pressure off customers who may otherwise have to take the responsibility of certifying this information. 

The latest products

As an industry innovator, Alimak constantly seeks to evolve its products according to the latest industry requirements. When opting to rent Alimak equipment, stakeholders can rest assured that they are gaining access to the latest in safety and technology standards.

Do you need assistance choosing the best product for a pending project? Contact Alimak’s product experts for more information on the many vertical access solutions available within the local rental programs.