Nov 02 2022

Custom vertical access solutions for the construction industry

Alimak has a long history of developing custom vertical access solutions for unique construction applications, from hoists and transport platforms to mast climbing work platforms.

Alimak’s modular range of construction hoists, transport platforms and mast climbing work platforms can be customized to suit an extensive range of applications.

The standard (modular) range of Alimak hoists and platforms offer the optimum transport solution for the majority of low rise, medium and high-rise constructions of all types. For specific demands, the modular (standard) range can be tailored to almost any height, size or payload and can be installed on inclined or curved structures.

Our experienced team of engineers can provide customized solutions to fulfil a project’s unique requirements, should a standard configuration not be suitable.

Alimak has a successful track record of providing custom vertical access solutions to some of the world’s most iconic structures, including those below.

Duomo di Milano
The Duomo is the largest church in Milan and the fifth largest in the world. The cathedral’s roof is a popular tourist destination, but accessing it can be difficult and time-consuming. Thanks to Alimak’s customized construction hoists, getting to the roof is now much easier and faster.

A custom Alimak Scando 450 construction hoist was installed and features a 56-metre lifting height and speeds of up to 42 metres per minute, reducing the time taken to access the cathedral’s roof from 5 minutes to just 90 seconds, making it four times faster than the previous transport platform. Several customizations were made, including ivory paintwork to blend in with the structure.

Eiffel Tower

Alimak is proud to have provided vertical access support for the recent renovation of the Eiffel Tower. A custom Alimak Scando 650 construction hoist was installed to climb a 60-metre triple mast at speeds of up to 54 metres per minute. Accessing this height was possible with three mast towers with only one tie required at the top.

The Alimak construction hoist featured a 4 x 1.5-metre car with a 2,500 kg payload capacity and provided a practical solution for transporting bulky materials to the elevated restaurant site.

Crown Casino

A comprehensive vertical access solution was required to construct Crown Casino in Sydney. Alimak provided a custom solution to meet an array of access challenges due to the curving architectural form of the tower. A total of seven Alimak customized construction hoists were provided to fulfil the varied needs of the project. The significant size of the construction site meant that the efficient transport of people and materials was vital in ensuring productivity to meet the project deadlines.

The project’s complexity required proven capability, engineering detail and quality machinery, which Alimak are renowned for. 

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