May 13 2019

Vertical access solutions designed to meet the varied needs of any construction project

Reliable and highly productive construction hoists have become a vital part of the construction landscape, providing fast, reliable vertical access solutions for a full range of builds. As a leading provider of construction hoists, Alimak’s extensive product range represents a broad range of high quality systems designed to meet a variety of needs depending on the requirements of the individual project. Our construction hoists are routinely deployed all over the world as an indispensable part of the infrastructure on site for relatively standard new buildings, for repair and refurbishment work, for ground-breaking new skyscrapers, for industrial facilities, for bridges and many other types of structure.

Whether the specific project calls for an emphasis on construction elevators which deliver high load capacity, high speeds, solutions for particularly high operations or a combination of requirements, Alimak’s expert team have shown their ability to meet the varied and changing access needs of the construction industry.

Flinders Lodge 560 Flinders Street in Melbourne is just one example of Alimak’s ability to develop construction hoist systems which meet the unique needs of the specific project and the challenges it presents. The client in this case was keen to reduce waiting times and improve efficiency but only one designated space on the site was available for any construction hoists and the gantry was not capable of supporting a single large capacity unit. In response, Alimak developed the first ever dual hoist system with two Alimak Scando 450 hoists operating from a single gantry. This innovative problem solving approach provided for both materials and people to be safely and quickly transported where they were needed to minimise downtime and delays which would otherwise negatively impact the client’s budgets.

NYU Langone Kimmel Pavilion hospital, in New York, meanwhile, was a huge and varied $1.2 billion refurbishment and expansion programme which required an unprecedented range of capabilities and functionality from a carefully considered vertical access system. For this sprawling project Alimak developed the largest construction hoist system deployed anywhere in the world to meet the various needs presented by a broad range of activities across all areas of the site. Some parts of the project required safely and effectively lifting extremely heavy loads with hoists capable of transporting up to 12,400 kg. In other areas, speed was the key requirement and the complete solution also included construction hoist lifts capable of reaching 100 metres per minute to improve efficient working and cut down idle waiting times.

By working with the experts in vertical access solutions and choosing the right construction hoists for their needs, countless customers have enjoyed the benefits of increased productivity and smoother, more efficient working practices on site which have made real contribution to completing their projects on time and on budget.