Jan 16 2020

Unlock flexible and cost-effective construction site access solutions with the Alimak TPL 800

Alimak can boast of a proud history, with more than 70 years of experience as an industry-leading provider of high-quality vertical access solutions which have been successfully deployed to serve the requirements of a wide array of construction applications.

In the construction industry, in particular, with this wealth of experience and a culture of consistent innovation across our product range Alimak has remained at the forefront of developments in the construction field, remaining agile and responsive to the varied and changing vertical access needs of our valued customers.

With this level of experience and expertise comes a deep understanding of customer demands in the construction site environment. This allows Alimak to constantly review and develop new solutions specifically designed to overcome access issues in the construction industry across all types of projects regardless of the size, scope or complexities involved. Our long-standing relationship with key customers in the construction industry means we are always reviewing and developing our products to perfectly tailor the safe design and functionality of transport platforms to meet the varied needs of site managers and key workers. The many factors involved encompass the capacity and lifting height provided for the transport of both materials and personnel, all within a context where efficiency of operations is a paramount concern in terms of meeting deadlines and remaining within budget constraints.

The Alimak TPL 800 is a key part of the wider range of Alimak’s transport platforms and is specifically developed to be reliable and efficiently serve a wide range of vital vertical access needs on site with a high-quality and cost-effective product. Suitable for transporting both materials and personnel, the TPL 800 is a versatile solution which can reduce the need for unnecessary complications on smaller construction projects. The 3.2 x 1 metre transport platform provides large, comfortable, and safe transportation for up to five people ensuring that workers can be efficiently deployed when and where they are required. The robust design also allows for the efficient loading of bulky construction materials with the additional options of entry on three sides and bi-folding doors on the longer side of the platform providing even greater time-saving capabilities during loading and unloading.

With a tied lifting height of up 100 metres (with higher configurations on request) and a weight capacity of 800kg in both transport platform and material mode, it also makes the TPL 800 a flexible and cost-effective solution for smaller construction projects from new builds to refurbishment. Fostering a system of efficient working practices and cutting down costly slow-downs and waiting times are always among the major concerns on the construction site. With this in mind, the TPL 800 provides for speeds of 12 metres per minute when used as a transport platform for both passengers and materials and 24 metres per minute when transporting materials only. The robust design of all Alimak products allows them to withstand the tough conditions of industrial and construction environments for an efficient vertical access solution designed in line with the highest standards of EN 16719 safety.

Contact us to discuss how the TPL 800 and the extensive range of Alimak products can be configured to meet all the access needs of any construction project.