Dec 17 2019

Tried and tested vertical access solutions designed for the needs of the warehouse environment

Alimak are widely recognised as the global leader in vertical access solutions with a history of high-quality engineering and innovation stretching back over 60 years.

As far back as 1951, Alimak introduced the first construction site hoist to the market, representing the height of the current technology designed for the rigours of the construction environment. As part of our commitment to constant improvement and innovation, Alimak are also famous as the creative engineering force behind the introduction of the first rack and pinion construction site hoist in 1962. This revolutionary design provided for an unprecedentedly tough and hard wearing construction site hoist and delivered increased efficiency, reliability, safety and uptime for all types of construction projects. Beyond the construction industry, Alimak’s robust rack and pinion technology has become established as the preferred choice across thousands of vertical access installations in industries ranging from mining to offshore oil and gas applications and an array of factory and processing operations. The proven qualities of Alimak’s vertical access product range are no less important when it comes to the specific demands of the warehouse industry.

Across every industry we work with, we always pride ourselves on understanding the specific requirements and challenges faced in that particular environment and developing vertical access solutions to meet and exceed the particular needs of each setting. In the warehouse industry, any warehouse lift needs to be designed and constructed to suit a range of industry-specific concerns. This includes handling a wide array of packages and cargo from small and fragile items to huge heavy loads as well as meeting the varied needs across supply chain and retail, dealing with freight operators, manufacturing companies, sellers and consumers. The efficient use of space is a constant concern and can make the difference between a profitable warehouse operation and an unsuccessful one. This needs to be balanced, however, with fast, convenient and above all safe access to stock when it is required while minimising the risk of accidents and breakages. Alimak’s warehouse elevator range is specially designed to address all of these varied concerns.

Across the variety of warehouse lift solutions, among the key benefits is a reduction in the need for manual handling and forklift use, including dealing with stairways and ladders. This can improve both efficiency and health and safety standards. With space at a premium, Alimak’s design also minimises the footprint required by locating the robust drive mechanism within the elevator car rather than requiring a separate machine room. Bearing in mind the wide range of tasks and operations involved in the warehouse sector, Alimak provide for an array of solutions from parcel lifts and trolley lifts to pallet lifts capable of dealing with large, bulky and particularly heavy loads reliably and effectively. The capabilities of the standard range reach up to 2000kg, a 12 metre lifting height, 1.6 x 3.2 metre platforms and speeds of 0.3 metres per second. Depending on the specific needs of our warehouse customers, Alimak also provide the experience and expertise necessary to install a warehouse lift conveniently on existing structures whether indoors or outdoors and develop bespoke solutions for even heavier loads, heights up to 40 metres, varying platform sizes and options including enclosed cages.

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