Jul 08 2021

Alimak’s range of PL industrial elevators are designed for warehouse and logistics centres

As the leading name in vertical access solutions, Alimak’s broad product offering reflects a history of over 60 years developing and refining industrial elevators designed to meet the needs of a wide range of challenging work environments. The warehouse and logistics industry comes with its own specific transportation requirements which the Alimak PL warehouse elevator range is specially designed to meet. From handling small parcels and packages to large, bulky items and pallet loads, the warehouse environment relies on the best possible use of all available space, meaning vertical access systems need to contribute to efficient, convenient, reliable and safe working practices.

The Alimak PL 500 is designed for smaller tasks with a capacity of 500kg and a standard platform size of 1.4 by 1.5 metres, along with a maximum lifting height of 12 metres and a speed of 0.20 metres per second. Increasing in the scale of lifting tasks required, the Alimak PL 1000 trolley elevator is designed to handle loads up to 1000kg with the same lifting height, platform size and speed. At the higher end of the capacity in the standard PL range, the PL 2000 and PL 2000 D pallet elevators are capable of lifting up to 2000kg, with a platform size of up to 3.2 by 1.5 metres and 1.4 by 3.1 metres respectively. Furthermore, the Alimak team are always available to develop custom warehouse elevator solutions for more unique requirements including increased heights and payload capability for high volume and capacity goods along with options for enclosed cage elevators.

Across the entire PL warehouse elevator range, warehouse and logistics operations can benefit from the space-saving design of the Alimak rack and pinion drive system. Beyond the compact overall design, the drive mechanism is built into the elevator structure itself, eliminating the need for a machine room or elevator shaft. In addition to minimal space requirements, the Alimak PL range of warehouse elevators offers a design that allows for maximum flexibility in installation for a wide range of warehouse spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Such well-designed warehouse elevators reduce the need for manual handling, including navigating stairs and ladders, and the need for forklift use while still providing for ease and convenience of access to any inventory when required. This can help to enhance safe working practices, with Alimak’s permanent material hoists being compliant with EN81-31 regulations for the construction and installation of goods lifts.

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