Jul 08 2021

Industrial elevators to meet the access challenges of warehouse and logistics centres

Alimak’s wealth of experience as the world-leading name in vertical access solutions is recognised across a wide range of industrial applications. With a history stretching back over 60 years of engineering and product innovation, understanding the unique needs of users working in different industries and environments is key to Alimak’s success.

In the warehousing and logistics industry, there are a number of unique challenges and requirements that warehouse elevators need to meet to add value to operations. It is common for instance, for an elevator in a warehouse to be required for a wide range of tasks from transporting large pallets and trolleys to smaller and more fragile packages.

A critical consideration in this industry is also the efficient use of space to maximise the storage potential of any given area. This is balanced with the ease and convenience of access when items are needed, and all while ensuring that appropriate and safe working practices are maintained. Manual handling, including navigating stairs and ladders, brings with it several risks. For the profitability of the business, reliance on manual handling can become an efficiency issue and, more importantly, it can also raise an array of health and safety issues. Breakages associated with manual handling are a financial concern and protecting the safety of workers always remains a vital requirement.

In this context, Alimak has developed the PL range of warehouse elevators, specially designed and manufactured to satisfy the access requirements of the warehouse and logistics industry.

The rugged rack and pinion drive system first introduced by Alimak in the 1950s makes for a reliable and tough vertical access solution. Not only does this translate into improved productivity and efficiency but, in a warehouse or logistics centre, also offers significant space-saving benefits. The drive is located within the elevator car itself. There is no requirement for a separate shaft or machine room which, combined with the small footprint of the elevator itself, means more storage capacity in the facility for smoother operations and higher profitability.

A reliable and hard-working warehouse elevator reduces the requirements for manual handling, delivering improvements in the efficiency of movement and contributing to safer working practices.

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