Jun 03 2022

Discover why the Alimak SE range is the trusted choice for industrial vertical access

Alimak has supplied industrial elevators built on innovative rack and pinion technology, to various industries worldwide for over 50 years. One of the standout ranges in the industrial elevator offering is the Alimak SE range which is the ideal choice for transporting personnel and heavy equipment, whilst delivering on comfort and safety.

The highly adaptable modular system of the SE range can be adapted to 50 different car sizes in the standard range. The sheer number of configurations makes the SE range suitable for a wide variety of industries, including warehouses, mining, oil and gas, ports, shipyards and many more.

The elevators are simple to operate with push-button operation inside the car and the landings. Depending on the site requirements, a modern collective control system is available, which works the same way as a conventional elevator or a semi-automatic control system.

The key benefits of the Alimak SE range include:

• Designed to withstand the harshest environments
• No shaft required due to innovative rack and pinion technology
• Adaptable modular design system
• Fully collective control system
• Remote monitoring capabilities

The elevator car is produced with anodized saltwater proof aluminium and hot-dipped galvanized steel, resulting in maximum comfort while remaining impermeable to the most unforgiving elements.

The SE range of industrial elevators includes the added safety of a centrifugal brake that allows passengers to be safely lowered to a landing below should they experience a power outage. Frequency-controlled motors provides smooth acceleration and deceleration, reducing wear and tear on components, and extending their life. Smooth operation, in addition to accurate stopping, makes transporting heavy goods and equipment a breeze.

The Alimak SE range is available with remote monitoring and provides key data insights to avoid downtime. Real-time monitoring can improve response time for corrective diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

The introduction of three Alimak SE industrial elevators has enhanced productivity at the Christmas Creek Mine in Australia. The ability of the SE Range to perform in a limited space makes it the perfect choice for applications in the mining industry.

The SE range was recently at the forefront of Alimak’s vertical access solution for a new logistics facility in Sweden, taking advantage of the adaptability of the modular system to meet the ideal configuration for the requirements of the warehouse. The elevator provides easy access for both persons and goods weighing up to 1,000kg between three landings.

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