Jun 12 2024

Elevating Maritime Operations with Alimak’s Pioneering Vertical Access Solutions

In the challenging environments of the marine and offshore industries, where access equipment must withstand harsh conditions and constant use, Alimak stands out as the trusted choice. With over five decades of pioneering advancements in the marine industry, Alimak’s vertical access solutions are about reaching new heights and setting new benchmarks in safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Alimak’s range of marine elevators are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of maritime operations. Our team excels in manufacturing industrial elevators that are specifically designed for the marine industry, ensuring resilience against corrosive marine elements and the ability to perform in extreme weather. Alimak’s elevators provide essential service to the operations of vessels and offshore installations.

Spotlight on Real-Life Applications

Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) 
Alimak’s innovation is showcased in our project for Service Operation Vessels used in wind farm operations. Understanding the unique challenges of SOVs, which require reliable and efficient personnel transfer to wind turbines, Alimak provided a custom vertical access solution. This installation has not only improved operational efficiency by facilitating smoother crew and cargo movements, but it has also significantly enhanced safety, reducing the risk associated with high-frequency transfers in variable sea conditions.

The Svanen Crane Ship 
A testament to Alimak’s engineering prowess is evident in our project on the Svanen crane ship. The crane ship, pivotal in constructing notable infrastructures such as the Øresund Bridge, was equipped with two Alimak rack and pinion elevators. This crucial addition provided reliable and efficient access to crane operating stations, significantly enhancing the crew’s operational capabilities and safety, streamlining project timelines, and reducing downtime.

Alimak’s dedication to aiding the marine industry through innovative and reliable vertical access solutions exemplifies the company’s role as an industry leader. Through specialised engineering and successful real-life applications, Alimak supports and advances the operational standards within the marine industry. Our commitment to developing solutions tailored to the unique challenges of this field continues to make significant contributions to maritime operations worldwide.

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