Oct 01 2019

Hard wearing access solutions made to withstand tough marine environments

Alimak’s extensive range of robust vertical access solutions are designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions of most the demanding outdoor industrial environments in the world. Since the early 1970s, Alimak have been closely involved with delivering solutions to meet the specific access challenges faced by operators in the shipping, marine and offshore industries.

Large commercial ports and shipyards the world over represent a vital part of the global supply chain and play a key role in wider trade and business activity. Alimak industrial elevators can be found at ports and shipping facilities in nearly 100 countries where there is a constant need for huge, heavy shipping containers to be loaded and unloaded reliably, efficiently and, above all, safely. Alimak elevators are commonly deployed as access solutions for all-important ship-to-shore cranes and ship unloaders. The speed and convenience of crane elevators in the port setting improves efficiency and productivity. This is true not only in terms of access for daily operations but also with regard to maintenance and repair work where an elevator can be used for inspections and preventative maintenance, including carrying parts and tools, which all contributes to reduced downtime and delays.

Vertical access solutions for use onboard ships and sea vessels themselves also present a range of specific environmental challenges. Industrial vessels are often harsh environments, and any effective marine elevator therefore needs to be capable of handling extreme weather and humid conditions as well as unavoidable roll, pitch and heave. Just one example of where the operation of a robust Alimak rack and pinion marine elevator has not been affected by these conditions can be found on the Vos Start offshore support vessel. Designed to provide vital access for workers and cargo transferring from the ship to offshore windfarms or platforms, the Alimak marine elevator can be relied upon in all weather conditions. In addition, it is tailored to provide a high level of functionality including a variable height landing, with its slim profile suiting the limited space available.

The wider offshore industry also relies on the robust qualities of Alimak offshore elevators and their resistance to rolling, pitching and heaving motion, as well as their ability to withstand the corroding effect of salt water and humidity. In addition, the offshore oil and gas industry can also present additional challenges that the Alimak range of offshore elevators can be deployed to overcome. This can be anything from large capacity units designed to handle heavy loads to access solutions for staff living quarters and management areas. The twin Aker H601 & H602 drilling rigs are the largest in the world and developed for work in particularly deep waters, arctic conditions and remote locations. These operations count on the dependability of six Alimak rack and pinion offshore elevators to provide a comprehensive access system which is tailored to the site-specific needs from the size of the cars to the single or double door openings.

In a wide array of projects all over the world, Alimak’s robust and reliable elevators have proven their ability to meet the challenges of the toughest working environments both on land and offshore to deliver reliability, efficiency and safety. Contact us to find out more.