Jun 07 2021

Alimak, the reliable choice for vertical access for the Power industry

In a wide range of tough industrial environments, reliable and effective vertical access solutions are an essential part of daily operations for vital inspection and maintenance requirements. Required to withstand the increased strains of extremely tough working conditions, having practical and reliable vertical access systems on site is paramount to ensure the efficient running of operations. The design, engineering and manufacturing quality, need to be robust to ensure reliable performance throughout the life of the equipment and to minimise downtime.

In the context of the power industry, Alimak industrial elevators are commonly relied upon for a variety of essential tasks requiring convenient access to chimneys, silos, transfer towers, boilers, scrubbers and absorbers, heat recovery steam generators, cooling towers, solar towers, dams and suspension electricity pylons. Alimak holds a proud tradition in the vertical access industry stretching back over 70 years and has extensive experience in delivering hard-wearing industrial elevator systems for the needs of the power industry over many decades. Each specific project comes with its own unique usage requirements, ranging from smaller passenger industrial elevators to meet the needs of inspection and lighter servicing tasks, to elevators with larger size and weight capacities capable of lifting large, heavy loads of cargo.

An Alimak industrial elevator can be found in daily use providing an efficient means of vertical transportation in applications across all types of power generation facilities from traditional coal-fired and gas-fired stations to nuclear and renewable hydro, wind and solar plants. Just one example is the AEP Mountaineer Power Plant in New Haven. A high-capacity industrial elevator provides robust access solutions built around the rack and pinion drive, pioneered by Alimak in the 1950s.

Reliable access is a critical consideration in the constant upkeep and maintenance of the flue gas desulfurization system, with this aspect of the operation being an essential part of complying with environmental regulations and reducing emissions. Where the access needs would otherwise only be practically achieved using a crane, Alimak provided a more practical, convenient and efficient solution with a rack and pinion elevator which was integrated with the existing building. This effectively provides for routine maintenance tasks and the quickest possible response and repair necessary during unscheduled outages. The qualities of the industrial elevator satisfy the needs for transport of both the key specialist team members required on site, along with any heavy, bulky loads of equipment and parts required at the upper levels of the flue gas desulfurization building.

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