Oct 13 2021

Vertical access solutions built tough for marine and offshore demands

Alimak’s vertical access solutions have been extensively tested in the most challenging industrial environments over the years. Since 1974, over 1000 Alimak vertical access systems have been installed in the marine and offshore industry, proving their ability to withstand the extreme conditions that come with working in this environment. This wealth of experience translates into a deep understanding of the industries varying vertical access needs for extreme weather conditions, particularly to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and humidity. Alimak’s range of marine and offshore elevators continue to contribute to increased productivity across a broad range of applications to provide personnel and cargo transport for essential inspections and maintenance tasks.

Within the wide range of Alimak industrial elevators, many models have proved their value and suitability for applications in marine and offshore settings. The Alimak SE range for example, is renowned for its durable design and rugged rack and pinion drive system. The location of the compact drive machinery on top of the elevator car means there is no requirement for a separate machine room, saving space in marine and offshore settings where every centimetre is all-important. Likewise, another advantage of the rack and pinion elevator is that no shaft is needed, which saves a lot of weight that can be otherwise utilised for transporting essential personnel and materials. The SE-H offers an even higher capacity option with the capability of transporting payloads of up to 3,300 kg on a single mast and 7,000 kg on a twin mast, combined with a range of car sizes suited to transporting personnel, heavy and bulky cargo and even forklift loading.

For the specific needs of cargo vessels, the Alimak FM range provides specialist functionality for loading and below deck storage. Optimised for heavy loads and weighing up to 12,000 kg such as large shipping containers of 4 metres in length, the enclosure free design and flush top deck, allows for efficient loading and unloading by crane from above and by forklift from all sides. Ex design is available across the SE and FM range as an option where the operations make these safety considerations vitally important.

The Alimak ME marine elevator is precisely developed to meet the needs of marine vessel applications. This is combined with the smooth operation and ride comfort of a traction-based design for transporting passengers and cargo up to 1,600 kg. The hard-wearing construction required of marine applications is satisfied by a reinforced carbon steel frame and hot-dip galvanisation as an option for high humidity environments. Reinforced landing doors are also a unique design solution for marine applications. Space is also an important consideration, and the design achieves a smooth traction functionality without the need for a separate machine room.

The Alimak OS range is also specifically developed to address the specific needs of offshore vertical access requirements and the harsh conditions involved while also delivering the smooth experience of a traction elevator. The elevator is built for the task, utilising stainless steel car walls, roof and horizontal sliding doors, a hot-dip galvanised steel car support frame and a watertight elevator shaft. The modular design allows for easily tailored solutions to the wide range of offshore operational needs, with a great variety of car sizes and weight capacities possible up to a maximum payload of 10,000 kg. The OS range is also available in Ex design for hazardous areas.

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