May 18 2021

Alimak FM cargo marine elevators – The ideal choice for marine applications

Alimak are well known across the vertical access industry for the robust design of our comprehensive range of industrial elevators, capable of handling the demands presented by a wide variety of tough environments. Alimak’s range of marine elevators is no different, designed for optimal performance and safety in tough maritime conditions. Practical access to equipment is vital on marine vessels where continuous maintenance is required.

The Alimak FM range in particular, is specially designed as an optimal cargo elevator for the tough conditions of marine vessel and offshore applications. Built to last with durable materials, the support frame and guide rails are constructed from hot dip galvanised steel while all electrical cabinets and landing control boxes utilise stainless steel.

The FM range is built around the hard-wearing rack and pinion design first introduced by Alimak. In marine cargo settings where space is a particularly important factor, the Alimak FM range also benefits from a particularly slim installation profile combined with a design which positions the drive machinery underneath the floor of the elevator itself. This eliminates the expense and wasted space associated with the need for a separate machine room. This placement of the drive mechanism also makes for smooth and efficient loading and unloading processes using either crane or forklift.

The platform floor rises level to the top landing without any permanent equipment above to hamper cargo handling. The square guide rail mast with integrated rack, and lack of a car enclosure is also designed to aid easy loading from above and efficient offloading from multiple sides. Built for the task at hand, the FM range is designed to accommodate standard shipping cargo containers up to four meters in length. This level of design and functionality more effectively automates cargo loading, below deck storage and unloading for marine vessel operations. Intelligent and considered automation not only makes for smoother and more productive working, but also minimises cargo handling by personnel, lowering the associated risk factors and contributing to safer working practices.

With a wide variety of size and weight capacity options available, cargo elevators across the range are capable of handling a payload of up to 12,000 kg and a static load up to 15,000 kg. Speeds reach up to 0.25 metres per second and lifting heights for standard options reach up to 15 metres with higher capabilities available on request.

All elevators in the FM range are DNV certified for offshore work. Where work in specific hazardous areas is required, the FM-Ex explosion protected elevator is also additionally protection rated in line with ATEX or NEC.

Contact us to find out more about how the tailored design of the Alimak FM cargo elevator can improve marine working practices.