Dec 23 2020

How Alimak TPL Transport Platforms benefit from industry-leading design and manufacturing

Alimak is renowned as the market-leading provider of a wide range of robust, reliable and efficient vertical access solutions. Since 1948, when the company was founded in Sweden, the high quality of European design and manufacturing of Alimak products have been paramount in establishing Alimak as an industry leader in vertical access solutions. Alimak’s ongoing commitment to innovation is evidenced in the Alimak TPL range of transport platforms and material hoists which responds directly to the needs of smaller construction projects.

Offering various payloads, the Alimak TPL single masted range includes the TPL 300, TPL 500, TPL 800 and TPL 1000 for lighter to mid-range loads. The larger twin masted models, the Alimak TPL 1800, TPL 2000 and TPL 2000D are designed for more heavy-duty operations and feature a wider platform for bulkier loads.

The compact, modular design of the Alimak TPL range offers a robust system capable of handling continuous construction site operations while also providing maximum flexibility to suit the particular needs of a wide range of projects from new builds to renovation work. The TPL range of products can carry up to 7 people in an open car as a transport platform.

Each TPL unit can be installed on a facade or structure or even on scaffolding, and reversible mast positions also make for easy configuration as the project develops. Each unit in the range can be utilised as dual-purpose transport platforms and material hoists, allowing for the secure and efficient transportation of both materials and key personnel for improved productivity across operations. The range has very low power requirements of 32 amps, 400 volts to lift up to 2000kgs, making the transport platforms an ideal choice when there are limited power supplies on site. For twin mast platforms carrying 2000 kgs, the low tie forces provide a solution for structures with limited structural capability such as modular structures or timber frame units. The transport platforms can also be tied directly to scaffolds because of the low tie forces.

The transport platform version of the TPL 800 is intended for both passenger and material transport and has a lifting speed of 12 metres per minute in passenger mode with hold-to-run controls and a lifting speed of 24 metres per minute for the transportation of materials only with ground station operation controls. With a simple key switch positioned on the electrical control panel, the machine can be converted from a transport platform or a material hoist with all of the appropriate safety features enabled.

The Alimak TPL range delivers superior performance and capabilities, efficiently transporting loads of up to 2,000 kg to lifting heights up to 100 metres in the standard range with increased heights available on request. Each unit in the TPL range is EN16179 certified and the design is optimised for areas where restricted space, low power availability or structural load limits present challenges for an efficient and reliable vertical access solution.  

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