Nov 29 2021

Alimak transport platforms and material hoists for the construction industry

Alimak’s selection of transport platforms and material hoists improves the efficiency of moving goods and materials across building sites. Alimak transport platforms and material hoists are designed for various applications and provide additional functionality to boost productivity and improve the safety of on-site operations.

The range of transport platforms and material hoists offers versatility based on a design consisting of fundamental componentry such as a motor unit, platform decks, and a mast. The Alimak TPL range is specifically developed for smaller building sites, lighter weights, and tighter places, whilst the Alimak TPM range can lift heavy loads to the necessary level quickly and efficiently. 

TPL Range 

The Alimak TPL range with its solid modular construction, goes beyond the limitations of typical material hoists, providing additional functionality and outstanding performance in tight places. Ideal for smaller construction projects, the Alimak TPL range can be used to move loads of up to 2,000 kg at speeds of 12 to 24 metres per minute to high places on-site for increased productivity. Added features include a reversible mast position and triangular mast design, alongside easy loading on three sides. 

TPM Range 

Conversely, the Alimak TPM range is used to move passengers and larger, bulky items such as pallets, prefabricated loads, and supplies on construction sites. The TPM range offers complete flexibility since it can be installed on the inside or exterior of structures. With large capacities ranging from 1,300 kg to 4,000 kg and a 200-metre lifting height, this range is available in six different configurations.

Both the TPL and TPM ranges are fitted with Alimak’s signature safety device and overload protection device for optimal safety when operating on busy construction sites. Likewise, each unit is certified to the required local and international standards for added peace of mind.

What’s more, the range of transport platforms and material hoists are available in six different configuration options with widths ranging from 1.6 to 4.8 metres and lengths of 1.6 to 3.2 metres, making the products a versatile choice to suit a wide range of applications. 

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