Mar 25 2021

Entrust Alimak’s tried and tested vertical access technologies for reliable and efficient transport

With a history stretching back over 70 years, Alimak is well-established as a leading provider of vertical access solutions, from construction hoists and work platforms to a range of industrial elevators. Alimak is well known in the vertical access industry for pioneering advances in technology such as the rack and pinion drive. Alimak introduced the first rack and pinion mast climbing work platform back in 1956. Since then, this technology has proved its continuing effectiveness for industrial elevators and construction hoists alike, operating in many of the toughest environments in the world. Alongside rack and pinion technology, Alimak has also maintained a strong record of development in traction-based technology as part of a world-leading offshore and marine elevator range. Across a wide array of harsh working environments and various industries, a high-quality industrial elevator or construction hoist is often a vital piece of investment for any site infrastructure, delivering robust, fast and reliable transportation for people and materials in order to improve efficiency, productivity and contribute to safe working practices.

An Alimak rack and pinion elevator or construction hoist can be operated without the requirement for a hoistway or machine room, offering much greater flexibility in terms of the variety of sites where they can be practically installed onto an already existing structure or in an environment where limited space is an issue. Rack and pinion elevators can be installed to meet the specific requirements of the operating environment, whether that is indoors or outdoors and with or without the provision of a below grade elevator pit. Where a rack and pinion elevator is installed around an existing structure, it is vertically self-supporting and therefore provides practical access solutions with only minimal tie-in loads. In addition, the rack and pinion system allows for a wide range of elevator sizes and capacities to suit any number of access needs and environmental parameters, with hard-wearing quality being a constant across all Alimak’s vertical access systems.  With the use of rack and pinion technology, lifting heights are virtually unlimited. The Alimak elevator with the highest lifting height so far is 700 metres.

Traction technology is often a smart choice for applications where ride comfort and minimal noise during operation are key considerations. In general, traction-based mechanisms built around cables, counterweight, pulleys and motors are common across various types of everyday elevators. Standard traction elevators, however, usually require space for a separate machine room. Alimak’s range of traction elevators is designed and built specifically for industrial applications with durable materials such as stainless steel and a wide range of sizes and weight capacities suitable for all kinds of freight and passenger transport requirements. Importantly, Alimak’s traction elevators are also available with options for machine room-less operation or with the machine room located on top of the shaft, saving room in industrial environments where space is at a premium.

From construction sites and warehouse, to mining and marine applications, the technology behind Alimak’s vertical access systems is tried and tested as a highly valuable investment in the smooth and efficient running of any site operation. Research and development remains an ongoing priority, ensuring that Alimak’s product range is always driving new advances to deliver the best possible vertical access solutions for a wide range of applications.