May 11 2021

Mast climbing platforms for enhanced efficiency and flexibility

The strength and depth of Alimak’s product range, developed over 60 years as a leader in the industry, provides for ideal vertical access solutions across a broad range of industries, challenging environments, and a wide variety of demands specific to the tasks involved.

Mast climbing work platforms can often deliver an attractive access solution for exterior façade work, especially where reliable, efficient and safe working at height practices are of paramount importance to the project concerned. Work on building facades, for instance, including brickwork, window or panel installation and application of facade coating treatments requires a vertical access system capable of transporting materials, tools and key personnel across numerous different levels conveniently when and where they are required. In instances such as these, mast climbers can offer significant advantages over other access methods such as scaffolding, increasing efficiency of movement and cutting down on repeat journeys. All of which ultimately improves productivity to help every project stay on schedule and within budget, whether it is a new construction or a renovation.

The Alimak MC 450 range of mast climbing work platforms are an attractive option for a number of important tasks from the ground to the higher levels of structures up to a lifting height of 200 metres. With the capacity to transport people, tools and essential materials across any level as required, the Alimak MC 450 range offers a ready to go ergonomically designed working space which increases productivity and contributes to safer working practices on the construction site. Available in single and twin mast platform configurations, the MC 450 can also be configured for platform width length of up to 2.2 metres x 30.2 metres, with a weight capacity up to 4,500 kg.

For more demanding tasks and applications, the Alimak MC 650 range of mast climbers provides a larger and more powerful option. The weight capacity is increased to a maximum of 3,630 kg in single mast platform configuration and 7,240 kg for the twin mast platform. The platform size is once again adaptable up to 41.8 metres in length. This represents higher payload capacities and platform dimensions than most mast work climbing work platforms on the market. This increased capacity suits heavy construction tasks such as bricklaying, curtain wall work and other heavy or bulky materials. The flexibility of the MC 650 mast climber also extends to the shape of the platform which can be adapted to work around corners, curves and angles in the building geography.

Across all Alimak mast climbing work platforms, robust construction is a constant along with design for maximum flexibility and cross-compatibility of masts with other vertical access equipment.

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