Mar 03 2020

Alimak Goes BIM

Alimak is proud to announce the launch of a new online gallery of Building Information Modelling (BIM) object files at ConExpo in Las Vegas in March. Alimak’s new BIM gallery will allow customers to compare and select the most suitable vertical access solution for their needs – from the early start to the completion of a construction project.

Alimak’s BIM gallery contains 3D models with key embedded information of our construction hoists including capacity, speed, space requirements, etc. The BIM models can be configured to the customer’s needs i.e. car size and lifting height and connection to a building and/or structure. By using the BIM models of Alimak products at the planning phase of a project, users can optimize and simulate the use of our products throughout the project. By observing each Alimak product within their simulated environments, engineers can save time and choose a more cost-effective and efficient vertical access solution for their site, thereby reducing the potential risks that can be difficult to foresee in a 2D environment.

Currently, the Alimak Scando 450, 650, 650 XL and Mammoth ranges of construction hoist products are available, and more products are to be launched later this year. If you are visiting ConExpo this year be sure to stop by the Alimak stand for a demo of our BIM Gallery.

Visit Alimak’s BIM Gallery