Alimak partakes in combined project in Canary Wharf


Boasting 75 floors, a double glazed façade, and uninterrupted views from east to west of the Thames River, the Landmark Pinnacle in Canary Wharf has given way to the first combined project by Alimak and CoxGomyl, Part of Alimak Group.

Alimak partakes in combined project in Canary Wharf

The market leaders in vertical access solutions, Alimak was awarded the contract to provide vertical access construction services such as five Construction Hoists, and a 75 storey Common Access Tower which provides independent landings into the building at every level. The use of Common Access Towers in combination with the Alimak Construction Hoists maximises their capability to access the structure whilst minimising the quantity and size of openings into the building, itself.


As part of Alimak’s unique value proposition, one dedicated team works in a close partnership with the client from the original design and configuration, all the way through to installation and maintenance. Not only is the Alimak team responsible for designing and delivering custom hoist solutions, but also designing and delivering the Common Towers on the projects that support the vertical logistical movements of the materials and passengers. 

Alimak’s Scando range is one of the most popular construction hoist concepts, worldwide. The modular hoist design offers several different car lengths, operating speeds, and a multiple choice of landing doors and ramps.

The Landmark Pinnacle project, in particular, involves the supply of a high speed Alimak Scando 650 FC-S XL, with a travel speed of 100m/min. Among the other passenger goods hoists supplied, is a large twin mast; the Alimak Mammoth TM hoist, with a capacity of 5,500kg and a volume of 45m3.

Together with Alimak, CoxGomyl provided building maintenance units to aid in the accomplishment of the Landmark Pinnacle project in 2017, with total project completion projected to be in 2020.