Nov 29 2021

Alimak industrial elevators designed to support the pulp and paper industry

Alimak has over 23,000 vertical access solutions deployed worldwide for various industries all of which are designed to increase efficiency and enhance safety. Alimak’s vertical access solutions are sought for their rugged and reliable design, with variants available to satisfy the specific requirements of various conditions.

Alimak’s industrial elevators provide an ideal vertical access solution to access digesters, boilers, processing towers, and mills in pulp and paper plants. Process industries, such as pulp and paper mills rely on efficient operations made possible by easy access to crucial components of the production line. Industrial elevators transport people and materials on-site for inspections, repairs, and maintenance while withstanding the extreme conditions that bleaching towers bring.

The range of available industrial elevators from Alimak is utilised across the globe to assist in the production of paper. Notably, an Alimak SE 700 industrial elevator is used at the world’s largest production line for bleached softwood kraft pulp. The Swedish Cellulose Company’s (SCA) production facility is in Timrå, Sweden, producing 900,000 tonnes of bleached kraft pulp per year.

The Alimak SE 700 was the ideal solution to facilitate easy access for service and inspection of the boiler at this plant. With a 700kg capacity, speed of 0.8 metres per second and lifting height of 60m, the rack-and-pinion elevator was installed outside the structure for use upwards of 25 times per day. 

Similarly, the Stora Enso Group’s Skoghall Paper Mill in Sweden utilises a variety of Alimak industrial elevators for access to the digester, liquor filter building and bleach towers. In particular, the Alimak SE elevator provides frequent entry to the 61-metre digester at a speed of 0.7 metres per second. Remarkably, this elevator was initially installed in 1968 and continues to operate more than 50 years later, demonstrating Alimak’s hard-wearing systems and potential for longevity.

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