Apr 20 2022

Vertical access solutions for the pulp and paper industry

As industry leaders in vertical access solutions, Alimak’s range of industrial elevators are ideal for pulp and paper mills. Process industries, such as pulp and paper mills, rely on efficient operations made possible by easy access to crucial components of the production line. As such, Alimak industrial elevators deliver people and materials on-site for inspections, repairs, and maintenance while withstanding the extreme elements that bleaching towers bring.

In particular, the Alimak SE Range of industrial elevators is often utilised on pulp and paper sites, offering a wide array of functionality including operating without a shaft or machine room for practical vertical access. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, the range offers payloads up to 7,000 kg to virtually unlimited lifting heights. The unique progressive Alimak safety device comes into operation should the elevator exceed the rated speed, bringing the car to a smooth stop.

In fact, the Östrand Pulp Mill located in Timrå, Sweden demonstrates the suitability of the Alimak SE range, utilising a SE 700 FC to facilitate access to the plant’s digester and boiler for service and inspection. Utilised approximately 25 times per day, the elevator travels at a speed of 0.8 metres per second, reaching a total height of 60 metres.

Similarly, a collection of Alimak SE-12s and SE-5s provide access to two bleach towers, and a digester on the Liquor filter building, and the nearby Skoghall Paper Mill. With a total annual capacity of 550,000 tonnes of liquid packaging board, coated kraft back, and white top liner, Alimak’s industrial elevators were chosen thanks to their ability to drive efficiency.

Learn more about Alimak’s experience with the pulp and paper industry, or get in touch with Alimak’s product experts for information on the range of vertical access solutions available.