Jun 03 2022

Alimak industrial elevators enhance safety across the Ports and Shipyard industry

Safety is paramount in ports and shipyard settings in which heavy moving equipment is prominent. Alimak’s industrial elevators assist to foster safe operations by reducing the risks involved with personnel climbing ladders in harsh conditions. The installation of an Alimak industrial elevator minimises risks associated with falls and drives efficiency. In fact, studies have shown that Alimak’s elevators can reduce crane downtime by 25%.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are frequently used in a range of applications in the Ports and Shipyards industry including, transporting passengers to the top of a container crane at a rapid speed, as well as allowing essential crane components and machinery to be accessed quickly for maintenance and repairs.

Examples of applications include use on:

  • Ship-to-shore cranes
  • Ship unloaders
  • Mobile harbour cranes
  • Rail-mounted gantry cranes
  • Rubber-tired gantry cranes
  • Drydocks
  • Goliath cranes
  • Silos
  • Warehouses

Alimak elevators can easily be installed on any crane structure and provide the ideal option for retrofitting and maintenance. Alimak has participated in a wide range of modernisation projects. Reduced downtime also increases profits when a reliable and consistent flow of operations isn’t hindered by downtime and repairs.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are used across the globe to improve safety and vastly improve efficiency from small shipyards to bustling ports such as Korea’s Port of Pusan. 18 Alimak SE 450 FC elevators have been installed in Korea’s busiest port to safely access the cranes’ operator’s cabins. The flow-on effect of increasing productivity and safety at a port that receives approximately 50,000 vessels annually is significant.

The introduction of an Alimak SE rack and pinion industrial elevator was pivotal in improving the safety of the Williamstown Shipyard on Nelsons Pier, Melbourne. The elevator provides emergency and stretcher access as the primary means of gaining access to the hulls of docked ships.

Alimak continues to be trusted worldwide to provide vertical access solutions for the ports and shipyards industry, due to its robust performance and exceptional safety.