Feb 26 2020

Extra-large hoist door for improved logistics and productivity

Alimak are set to unveil a new extra-large door at ConExpo this year. Developed to further increase logistics, the new door will also improve productivity for construction companies and rental fleet owners.

This new extra-large vertical sliding door can be mounted on the long side of the construction elevator to improve logistics and productivity further. The door can be furnished for the new Alimak Scando 650 FC-S construction site hoist with 5 meters car length. With an opening width of 4.2m and an opening height of 2.5m it’s 30% larger than the largest door of any previous Alimak construction elevator. Enjoy an increased door size and rigid threshold allowing for larger and heavier loads.

Ease of use has been incorporated into this new design for more streamlined unloading from a truck into the construction site hoist car with a forklift and less storage at ground level which is advantageous on sites where space is restricted allowing the tower crane to work on other jobs.

The vertical guided door also features mechanical locking and is electronically monitored. The lightweight moving door blades consist of aluminium profiles for ease of operation. Door counterweights are placed on the rear side of the hoist car for maximum protection. A modular design also allows for more flexibility, and five different car doors are available for the Alimak Scando 650 construction hoist range.

Main characteristics

  • Improved logistics and productivity
  • Load/unload larger goods
  • Enables easy unloading directly from the truck into the hoist using a forklift
  • Less storage area at ground level – a major benefit on confined sites
  • Less material handling gives lower material damage costs
  • Minimized risk of materials theft
  • Easy and cost efficient set-up in confined inner city applications
  • Set the tower crane free to do other jobs
  • Door counterweights on rear of car for maximum protection
  • High threshold loading allowed


Door type: Vertical sliding
Location: C-side
Door opening width: 4.2 m (13′-9 5⁄16″)
Door opening height: 2.5 m (8’-2 7⁄16”)

For other requirements or specifications, please consult your Alimak representative.