May 14 2019

How the flexible range of TPL transport platforms and material hoists can benefit your construction projects

Alimak are well established as a world leading provider of vertical access solutions for a wide array of applications, most notably in the construction industry. Throughout a proud history stretching back over 70 years, Alimak have become recognised for a culture of constant innovation and product development, not least for pioneering the first mast climbing platform to utilise the hard wearing and reliable rack and pinion drive system.

This tradition of constant development continues today and our product range is consistently reviewed and expanded to meet the changing needs of the modern construction industry.

As part of this ongoing product development, Alimak offers a variety of reliable, high-quality material hoists as part of our light range of modular TPL products, recently strengthened by the introduction of the TPL 800 and TPL 1000 to complement the existing range of transport platforms, The TPL 300, 500, 1800, 2000 and 2000D. The TPL range of transport platforms is particularly well suited to a variety of uses and applications on the construction site and can be utilised as material hoists or as a transport platform for efficiently and safely conveying key personnel where they need to be.

Developed by Alimak’s team of expert designers utilising the latest modern software, the TPL range of material hoists is a flexible, cost effective and practical solution to the vertical access challenges our customers face on a daily basis, both on new construction projects and in refurbishment programs.

High quality, robust construction is a constant throughout the TPL range. Longevity of this valuable equipment is assured through the structure of profiled and perforated plates which also provides a rigid, anti-slip walking surface. In addition, hot dip galvanizing delivers a particularly hard wearing product designed to handle tough conditions. The same rugged construction is also applied to the erection platform and ramps.

Depending on the requirements of the individual project, the products in the TPL range can provide reliable and practical transport solutions for payloads of between 300 kg and 2000 kg, making them ideal material hoists for a variety of construction needs. In transport platform mode, they are capable of safely transporting up to seven people depending on the limitations of local regulations.

Speed of operation is often a key consideration on site due to the impact on waiting times and delays. The TPL range provides speeds of up to 12 metres per minute for safely carrying personnel as a transport platform and up to 24 metres per minute when used as a material hoist. The versatile range also provides for a maximum lifting height of 100 metres, with increased lifting height capability available on request.

The entire modular system is precisely engineered for ease, convenience, flexibility and safety during installation and use. Contact us to discuss how the TPL range can be deployed to help realise these benefits during your next project.