Mar 24 2022

Alimak’s TPM range provides versatility for construction sites

Alimak has been a leader in the vertical access industry for almost 70 years, providing reliable access solutions to a wide range of construction and industrial projects worldwide.

The Alimak TPM range is used to transport persons and heavy items such as pallets, prefabricated loads, and supplies vertically on an array of new construction or refurbishment projects. The TPM range offers flexibility since it can be installed on the interior and exterior of various building structures. The range provides payload capabilities ranging from 1300kg to 4000kg in six different configurations.

The Alimak TPM has an abundance of advantages:

1. Dual functionality

Depending on the needs of each project, the Alimak TPM range can be used as a transport platform or a material hoist. The transport platform versions of the TPM range are intended for both passenger and material transport and have lifting speeds of 12m/min. The material hoist versions of the TPM range are intended for the transportation of materials only and have lifting speeds of 24m/min.

2. Heavy-duty loading capacity

The TPM range is designed to transfer large pallets and cargo to high elevations on a building site safely and securely. The TPM series lifts loads ranging from 1300 kg to 4000 kg for increased efficiency on-site and is used to transfer pallets, mini loaders, prefabricated loads, kitchens, scaffolding, and high dimension panels.

3. Ideal for high-rise projects

The Alimak TPM range is the appropriate vertical access solution for the transportation of oversized loads and materials for low-rise and high-rise building projects, with a maximum tied lifting height of up to 200 metres.

4. Range of sizes available

With a choice of six standard configurations, The Alimak TPM range comes in a range of sizes, ranging from 1.6 to 4.8 metre widths to 1.6 to 3.2 metre lengths. The six models provide a flexible choice for projects of any size.

5. Superior safety features

In the case of an emergency, Alimak’s transport platforms are equipped with various safety mechanisms to keep people safe. The Alimak safety device, overload sensing device, and unique self-levelling device are among these features.

Learn more about the Alimak TPM range and its productivity capabilities, or contact the helpful team of product experts for more information on the range of vertical access solutions available.