Mar 26 2024

Elevating the Mining Industry to New Levels of Efficiency and Safety with Alimak’s Vertical Access Solutions

The mining industry faces constant challenges, from ensuring worker safety to optimising operational efficiency and maintaining high equipment reliability. In this context, Alimak is a renowned global vertical access provider with our range of tried and trusted industrial elevators designed for aboveground and underground mining applications. These elevators are not just a means of vertical transportation; they represent a leap towards modernising mining operations, enhancing safety, and ensuring operational continuity.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are engineered to perform at peak efficiency in the harsh environments of mines, smelters, processing plants, and concentrators. By eliminating the need for hazardous stair climbing, these elevators offer a reliable and efficient method for transporting workers, tools, and materials onsite. This is crucial for equipment maintenance, daily mining operations, and where vertical access is a part of the operational infrastructure.

Typical applications of Alimak elevators in the mining industry include:

  • Pellet loading terminals
  • Concentrating plants
  • Crushers and headframes
  • Processing facilities
  • Chimneys and smelters
  • Mine shafts
  • Preparation plants

Real World Applications

Aitik Copper Mine, Sweden

The Aitik copper mine, Europe’s largest open-pit copper mine near Gällivare in northern Sweden, showcases Alimak’s capability to enhance operational efficiency through innovative vertical access solutions. Alimak provided seven rack and pinion-driven elevators as part of Boliden’s substantial investment in expanding the mine’s capacity. These elevators are crucial in maintenance and inspection across various operations, including crushing, ore stockpile management, grinding, flotation, and dewatering. Equipped with modern control systems, emergency features, and remote monitoring capabilities, these elevators ensure reliability and durability in one of the most demanding environments.

Christmas Creek Mine, Australia

The expansion of Fortescue Metal’s Christmas Creek mine in Western Australia illustrates another dimension of Alimak’s impact on the mining industry. Three Alimak SE 1200 kg industrial elevators were installed in the mine’s processing facilities, marking Australia’s first permanent Alimak elevators within an iron ore crushing plant. The elevators were critical to the expansion program, which aimed to increase the mine’s iron ore operations capacity significantly. By ensuring efficient transportation of materials, equipment, and personnel, the Alimak elevators have become integral to minimising production downtime and enhancing the safety and efficiency of operations.

Alimak’s contribution to the mining industry goes beyond providing vertical access solutions. Its projects at the Aitik copper mine and Christmas Creek mine exemplify how integrating advanced elevators into mining operations can significantly enhance safety, efficiency, and operational reliability. By continuing to innovate and customise our solutions to meet the unique challenges of the mining industry, Alimak stands as a key partner in the industry’s ongoing drive towards modernisation and excellence.

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