May 11 2021

Industrial elevators designed for the mining industry

Alimak’s tried and trusted range of industrial elevators are relied upon the world over for the smooth and efficient transport of people and cargo in many of the most challenging environments outdoors as well as indoors. Their robust design and highly engineered construction make them an ideal choice for applications in the mining industry, both above and below ground. In a mining industry setting where harsh working conditions are common, space is often at a premium, efficient vertical access is always required for essential tasks from equipment maintenance to ongoing everyday processes and safety is always a top priority. Alimak’s high quality products are designed for long service, which reduces their environmental impact, drives efficiency and enhances productivity resulting in a reduction of resources over time.

At mining sites all over the world, Alimak industrial elevators are valued by owners, operators and staff for their reliable and efficient performance, while Alimak’s hard-wearing rack and pinion drive technology is not only designed to deal effectively with challenging conditions for minimal downtime, but also makes for easy installation or retrofit with no requirement for a shaft and a separate machine room. This also allows for an industrial elevator to be installed with guide rails anchored to the wall and travel either vertically or on an incline. In terms of safety, Alimak industrial elevators are also relied upon as part of emergency vertical access requirements. Read on for some examples where Alimak’s industrial elevators are used at mining facilities.

Voskhod-Oriel’s chromium mine

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, an Alimak industrial elevator built on rack and pinion technology is a vital part of the infrastructure for servicing and inspection tasks in addition to serving an indispensable purpose as the escape elevator in the event of an emergency situation. The durable construction has a lifting height of over 200 metres and a payload capacity of up to 1000 kg or nine people. Safety features include overload sensing, emergency phone and emergency lighting.

Boliden’s Aitik mine expansion

At the largest open pit copper mine in Europe, seven robust Alimak elevators formed a key part of an expansion which doubled its production capacity to 36 million tons of ore each year. A range of Alimak SE industrial elevators serve varied purposes for maintenance and inspection tasks throughout the processes involved, from crushing, stockpiling and grinding to flotation and de-watering. Lifting heights vary between 14 and 48 meters as required, with payload capacities ranging from 400 kg to 1,800 kg. In addition to important safety features, the system of elevators also provides remote monitoring for around the clock reporting and minimal downtime.

Christmas Creek Mine

In Western Australia, the expansion of Christmas Creek Mine called specifically for the known reliability of three Alimak industrial elevators to ensure consistent performance and maximum productivity during iron ore crushing and processing. Three Alimak SE 1200 industrial elevators provide for the transport of materials, equipment and key personnel across three facilities with car dimensions capable of carrying pallet loads or a stretcher in case of emergency evacuation. Lack of space was a particular challenge in an existing structure, with the flexibility of the Alimak product range helping to overcome this by utilising a mast with smaller dimensions than a standard installation.

Alimak rack and pinion elevators have been proven an ideal solution for mining application across the globe. With virtually unlimited height capability, mining installations have reached as far as 640 meters below ground in Indonesia and a depth of 700 meters in Mexico.
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