Jun 30 2021

Introducing a new series of Industrial Elevators

Alimak is proud to launch a new Industrial elevator, built on Alimak’s tried and trusted rack and pinion technology. The all-new ALIMAK SL-H is a passenger and freight elevator range suitable for tough operating environments including cement plants, power stations, ports, steelworks, mines, manufacturing and storage facilities.

The new ALIMAK SL-H Industrial Elevator range is available in three sizes and offering payload capacities of up to 3000kg.

Built on the simple, but ingenious rack and pinion principle, the elevator has its drive motors fitted on top of the car along with the brake and gearbox. This technology enables the elevator car to climb up and down the mast at a controlled speed without the need for a shaft or machine room.

Constructed from aluminium and hot-dipped galvanized steel, the robust design minimises downtime and operational costs whilst withstanding tough environmental challenges when transporting both people and freight.

Optimised for comfort, the drive unit provides smooth acceleration and deceleration, offering accurate levelling at landings irrespective of load, making loading and unloading operations easier and reducing power requirements and brake wear.

The Alimak SL-H elevators are push-button operated from the car and landings. A modern collective control system, which operates like a conventional elevator, can be adjusted to your preferences based upon frequency of use, application and number of landings.

With a dual solution available featuring two independent elevator cars operating on a single guide mast column; material costs, installation work and on-site space are saved, while traffic movement and productivity are improved.

The Alimak SL-H range incorporates all the safety features that have made Alimak elevators a benchmark for the elevator industry worldwide. The mechanical and electrical interlocking door system and Alimak safety devices guarantee the highest safety standards. If the elevator exceeds the rated speed, the unique progressive Alimak safety device brings the car to a smooth stop.

For more information visit: ALIMAK SL-H